St. George’s University Links Up with the University of Northumbria

St. George’s University has again joined forces with the University of Northumbria in England to create a smooth, educationally sound avenue for promising students who want to become doctors.

Under a new agreement, students can now begin their medical studies at the University of Northumbria in a biomedical science certificate course and, after the successful completion of the one-year course, progress into St. George’s University School of Medicine’s four year MD degree program.

The official signing of the agreement was held on December 6, 2005, at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and will take effect for students who wish to commence studies in the certificate course as early as Fall 2006. Representing St. George’s University School of Medicine were Margaret A. Lambert, Dean of Enrolment Planning, and Dr. Keith B. Taylor, Vice Chancellor Emeritus. Those signing on behalf of UNN were Dr David Holmes, Director of Academic Development; Dr Alan Jones, Director of Recruitment and Publicity; Dr Elizabeth Smith, Associate Dean; and Joanne Purves, Director of International Development.

Students who seek entry into the program must apply to UNN for the Biomedical Science Certificate Course and simultaneously to SGU for the MD program. SGU and UNN will work together in the process of accepting qualified students.

Accepted students will spend their first year at the University of Northumbria in the School of Applied Sciences, in the same course modules as Year 1 of the BSc Honours degree in biomedical science. After they successfully complete this year, they commence the two year basic medicine phase on St. George’s University Grenada campus. The final two years of study are the clinical years and they are taken at affiliated hospitals in the UK and/or the US. After five years of study, students will receive their MD degree.

“The agreement between St. George’s University and Northumbria is a logical development,” said Margaret A. Lambert, Dean of Enrolment Planning at SGU. “Both are modern universities yet maintain traditional standards of education and professionalism. The agreement links the scientific aspects of premedical training in the UK with a comprehensive and excellent medical education in a beautiful campus on a Caribbean island. Students who take advantage of the full range of opportunities at SGU are exposed to medicine as it is practiced and taught in the Caribbean, the United States, and the United Kingdom.”

Northumbria University was established as a polytechnic institute in 1969 and inaugurated as a university in 1992. UNN is well-known for its excellence in biomedical sciences and is recognized as a principal innovator in the field. St. George’s University was founded as an independent school of medicine 28 years ago and has evolved into a top center of international education. More than 5,400 graduates have graduated from SGUSOM and are practicing medicine throughout the world.

The two institutions have begun discussions about a similar program being set up with SGU’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

Published on 01/09/2006