St. George’s University Remembers Lloyd Noel

St. George’s University mourns the loss of Lloyd Noel, former Attorney General of Grenada (1979-1980), who passed away on Monday, July 3, 2017 in New York. An early advocate for the University, Mr. Noel served as Lead Grenadian Council of St. George’s University, playing an integral role in its government and labor relations.

A gifted lawyer, Mr. Noel joined SGU in 1984, diligently representing the University and working to protect its rights while striking an effective balance between the needs of the people of Grenada and the University. In 1986 he was appointed as an Assistant Professor in the department of Medical Jurisprudence at St. George’s University School of Medicine in September. Mr. Noel served on a number of committees which furthered the University’s presence in Grenada, including the Fund for Orphans and Elderly and the SGU Monitoring Committee.

As a fervent advocate for free speech, Mr. Noel also authored an editorial column in the local newspaper that provided critical analysis of the Government of Grenada, as well as addressing many social issues in the country and various parts of the world. Mr. Noel was a devout Roman Catholic who was active in his parish of St. John and the wider community. A devoted husband and father, he was compassionate, fair-minded and affable and could always be counted on.

“As General Counsel of SGU, I interviewed Lloyd and made the decision to hire him for the position of Lead Grenadian Council of St. George’s University”, said Patrick F. Adams, Esq., co-founder, Trustee, and former General Counsel. “With his no-nonsense style, Lloyd was a person whose “yes” meant “yes” and his “no” meant “no.”” “As a family man, he was a dedicated father and a husband who deeply loved his wife. Lloyd was a talented lawyer but more importantly, he was a great man. His invaluable impact on the growth and success of SGU will not be forgotten. I will greatly miss him as a colleague and friend.”

Mr. Noel is survived by his wife and children, including Mr. Larry Noel, Athletics Coordinator of Field and Facilities, Athletics and Activities Department, SGU. His outstanding contribution to St. George’s University is immeasurably appreciated and he will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and colleagues.