St. George’s University School of Medicine Award Scholarships to the Exceptional

St. George’s University is proud to announce that in the January 2011 School of Medicine entering class, 46 students were awarded prestigious scholarships. The University has awarded the prestigious Chancellor’s Circle of the Legacy of Excellence (CCLOE) Scholarship to 24 medical students and the Legacy of Excellence (LOE) scholarships to 22 highly-qualified students, over a dozen of whom will spend their first year in the Keith B. Taylor Global Scholar’s Program in Newcastle, UK.

“No other school I applied to had a program remotely similar to the KBTGSP. My experiences have been great so far and I feel that this moment will be a cherished memory once I begin to practice medicine,” commented scholarship recipient, Clifton Espinoza. “I would like to thank St. George’s University for giving me the opportunity to be part of this amazing program.” Another scholarship recipient, Bhumi Patel explained why she chose to attend the University, “SGU provides thorough medical education and fully prepares its students without excessive tuition-something that U.S. medical schools cannot offer. I am also impressed by the Chancellor’s belief regarding medical education and medical school admission.”

The scholarship recipients were awarded based on academic merit and their commitment to their school and to their chosen profession. The CCLOE scholarship is automatically awarded to the first 50 accepted students fulfilling the minimum requirements of an undergraduate 3.7 cumulative GPA, 3.5 science GPA, and total score of 29 on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). This elite group of students will receive one-third tuition scholarships toward their entire four year medical education. Since the LOE scholarship was first created in 2003, the University has awarded over $5.6 million in tuition scholarships to over 200 students in its Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Although the students just beginning their first term of rigorous study, Dean of Enrollment Planning and University Registrar Margaret Lambert looks towards a bright future. “We are happy to reward the hard work and dedication of these students and support them in fulfilling their dreams.” St. George’s University has created these elite scholarships to award partial-tuition scholarships to entering students who demonstrate the commitment and dedication but may not have the means to achieve their dreams. “We look forward to the future contributions our students will make to the medical profession as a result of their education at St. George’s University.”

St. George’s University is dedicated to making a unique international medical education accessible to the best and brightest students from all over the world – regardless of circumstance. The University offers a wide variety of institutional scholarships designed to recognize academic excellence and the University has awarded over $100 million dollars in scholarships to more than 5,000 students over the years.

January 2011 Chancellor’s Circle Legacy of Excellence Awardees

Anthony Saad
Ashwani Gore
Bhumi Patel
Brijesh Patel
Clifton Espinoza
Diako Amirhamzeh
Erin Little
Farzin bagheri
Kee Hyon Eom
Maneesh Kanal
Matthew Campbell
Moh’d Wasim Mansoor Sandra Guerguis
Silpa Somepalli
Sinziana Mahalean
Srikanthi Kopuri
Syed Hussaini
Usman Shehzad
Wallisa Roberts
William Nickles
William Raoofi
Yulya Kozlova
Zachary Port Zeshan Jilani

January 2011 Legacy of Excellence Awardees

Aadit Patel
Alena Naumova
Amandeep Singh
Caitlin Mulholland-Olson
Christopher Folterman
Daniel Breznau
Daniel Hillman
Darcy Bains
Edward Mulligan
Gloria Lee
Grace Stephan Iram Ashraf
Lisa Kim
Megha Patel
Natalie Pozzi
Natasha Adlakha
Reenal Patel
Sachin Patel
Sahbaz Ahmed
Saumya Rachakonda
Sejal Kothadia
Tuongman Phan