St. George’s University Student Receives Award from the American Society for Clinical Pathology

Colby Halsey, an SGU clinical student, received the American Society for Clinical Pathology’s Academic Excellence Award. Only Amita Dharawat, another SGU graduate, joins Colby Halsey on the list of students from a non-US or Canadian school to have received this honor. The ASCP Award for Academic Achievement and Promise is an annual award given to only 30-50 second year medical students. Winners must fit the ASCP’s standards for their achievements as a student so far and their promise for the future. When nominating Halsey for the award, Dr. Shivayogi Bhusnurmath, pathology course director, described him as “diligent, devoted to his studies, and passionate about medicine.”

Colby Halsey was the perfect choice for this distinguished award for academic excellence. He has continuously scored high on examinations and quizzes, good Clinico-Pathological Conferences submissions, and constantly high quality concept maps. He also possessed an overall positive attitude; he had good interaction with faculty and staff, and he took time to help his classmates. Along with Halsey’s excellent leadership skills and performance in pathology, he has achieved a perfect 4.0 grade point average to date.

Halsey has received many other awards reflecting his achievements in academics and leadership. The Kenton Richards Award, which Halsey received in Spring 2004, recognizes Kenton Richards, the best performing student in pathology coursework at SGU, who died of leukemia in 2002. Halsey received this award for many of the same reasons that he won the Academic Excellence Award, his excellent performance throughout his pathology coursework, and his overall positive attitude. He has also earned the Future Physician “Golden Stethoscope” Award, and was a member of Iota Epsilon Alpha International Medical Honor Society. Halsey participated in the Department of Educational Services programs to assist other students who were having difficulty with their course study – Halsey acted as an effective peer tutor and an Anatomy Teaching Assistant.

On a personal level, Dr. Bhusnurmath describes Halsey as “intelligent, organized, gets along with everyone, empathetic, always in high spirits and passionate about medicine,” which he believes are all important qualities of an aspiring physician. Halsey recently started his clinical rotations in the United States.

Colby Halsey marks the second student from St. George’s University to receive the Academic Excellence Award by the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

Published on 06/21/2005