St. George’s University SVM Dean Named to AAVMC Board

The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) has named Dr. Timothy Ogilvie, St. George’s University’s Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine, to its Board of Directors and Governance. Dr. Ogilvie will serve as Region IV At-Large Director, representing  AVMA Council on Education-accredited veterinary medical schools in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe.

Dr. Tim Ogilvie“I take great pride in representing these schools, especially SGU,” said Dr. Ogilvie. “I am honored to be selected. It’s a great opportunity for me to encourage programming at AAVMC that builds upon our strengths and that our members can take advantage of. It’s also very valuable for a Dean to get exposed to new ideas and to work with colleagues who can lend their support when facing various challenges.”

The AAVMC was formed in 1966 by the deans of the 18 US and three Canadian veterinary colleges to promote and protect the health and welfare of animals, people and the environment by generating new knowledge and preparing the high-quality veterinary workforce needed to meet continually changing societal demands for veterinary expertise.

Today, the AAVMC coordinates the affairs of all 30 US veterinary medical colleges, all five Canadian colleges of veterinary medicine, eight US departments of veterinary science, eight US departments of comparative medicine, eight international veterinary schools, three veterinary medical education organizations, and four affiliate international veterinary schools. The association represents more than 4,000 faculty, 5,000 staff, 10,000 veterinary students, and 3,000 graduate students at these institutions.

“This appointment not only helps to build SGU’s brand, credibility, and reputation; it also allows me to help in making sure that the AAVMC, as an organization for the colleges of veterinary medicine, continues to think about students first,” stated Dr. Ogilvie. “Our colleges are training grounds for veterinary medical students so it has to be a student-centered program that we deliver. We must ensure that we think of the deeper mission of education.

“One of the goals of the AAVMC is to help promote wider accreditation,” he added. “Today, we are on the cusp of getting more global standards in place. We at SGU are positioned to understand well the international competencies for veterinarians, and this allows me to continue to push the agenda forward for quality assessment and quality assurances for the provision of educational programs for veterinary students.”

Dr. Ogilvie was appointed Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine in 2014 after spending six years as a Visiting Professor in the SVM. For his career, he was a founding faculty member of Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC) following his appointment as the Director of the Animal Industry Services branch within the Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Forestry. Dr. Ogilvie later served as Chair of the AVC’s Department of Health Management (1990-1998) and Acting Dean (1998-1999), while also co-directing AVC’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The AVC Vet Camp was renamed the Dr. Tim Ogilvie AVC Vet Camp in 2009 and recently was acknowledged by the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education as the best community outreach program in the country.

Published on 11/29/16