St. George’s University Veterinary Student Elected Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) President

On October 26th, SGU’s Kara Tassone, received recognition for her election as the upcoming President of the Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA). The University sponsored an awards ceremony and reception in Kara’s honor on True Blue Campus to celebrate her success. Dr. Kevin Dajka, AVMA co-advisor to SAVMA, presented a plaque to Kara.

Chancellor Charles R. Modica and Dr. Raymond Sis, Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine, congratulated Kara on her achievements.

Kara was elected to her new position at the AVMA Conference in Minnesota this past July; she is currently serving as the President Elect of SAVMA. As President Elect, Kara’s primary responsibility is to serve as an alternate delegate in the AVMA House of Delegates and to assist the President and SAVMA in any way needed. Kara’s position will shift from President Elect to President at the upcoming SAVMA Conference which will be held at the University of Minnesota on March 9-11, 2006. At this time, her responsibilities will include presiding over SAVMA meetings, serving as a Delegate in the AVMA House of Delegates, and, most importantly, representing the voice of students in the veterinary profession.

Kara completed her undergraduate degree at Weber State University, located in her hometown, Ogden, Utah. In 2000, she earned dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Zoology and Psychology. Kara, who matriculated in the School of Veterinary Medicine at St. George’s University in January 2003, chose SGU to enjoy a cultural learning environment as well as attain an excellent internationally based education. During her tenure, Kara became an active member of SAVMA at St. George’s, serving as both the local chapter President and as a delegate to the SAVMA House of Delegates.

Kara’s stellar accomplishments and record of excellence while at St. George’s University has made her the perfect candidate for this new role. With her perseverance, Kara plans to stay actively involved in the future of veterinary medicine. She hopes to enhance the bond between humans and their pets by providing exceptional medical care and she admits that the possibilities within the profession are limitless. She believes that in today’s world making a difference is not only feasible, but is a necessity.

Kara is only the second veterinary student outside the U.S. to be elected President of SAVMA.

Published on 11/07/2005