St. George’s University Welcomes First International Veterinary Student Association Exchange Students

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After a ten-day visit to St. George’s University, 10 veterinary students from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, spoke fondly of their hands-on educational experience and the University’s True Blue Campus. The students visited the campus in November as part of the International Veterinary Students Association (IVSA) exchange program.

“While the program structures are somewhat similar, St. George’s provides a unique hands-on experience, on a campus that provides the perfect atmosphere for studying,” said Sisse Giehm-Reese, a sixth-year veterinary student from Copenhagen.

Furthering this observation, fourth- and second-year students Jasmin Bagge and Janne Roscnfeldt-Olesen, also from the University of Copenhagen, noted that classes at St. George’s are smaller than they’re used to, but very interactive.

The exchange students attended lectures, junior surgery labs, and participated in a goat handling lab at Belmont Estate, St. Patrick’s. When not in classes, they explored Grenada with a trip to Gouyave for Fish Friday and visits to some of the most historic and picturesque locations in Grenada.

“Veterinary medicine is becoming increasingly global. With this program and over 50 IVSA chapters, SGU students have an opportunity to gain valuable international experiences,” said Kristina Miller, a fifth-term veterinary student at SGU, and exchange officer for the Grenada chapter of IVSA. “Exchange students visiting here have a unique opportunity to be a part of a University that brings together students from around the world. It is the perfect place for students to gain an international experience.”

The Grenada chapter of the IVSA has participated in the bi-annual congress and symposiums hosted by the organization, but it is its first year participating in the student exchange program. Plans are in place to make the exchange program an annual event with the next proposed exchange with South Africa some time in 2013.

IVSA is a non profit, non-governmental organization operated by veterinary students from around the world, whose aim is to improve the international standard of veterinary education through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture.