St. George’s University / Windward Island Research and Education Foundation (WINDREF) Relief Fund for Grenada

October 29, 2004 Report

The WINDREF/SGU Relief Fund for Grenada has received monetary donations and contributions of goods from individuals and groups from a broad spectrum of communities. To date, the fund has received almost a quarter of a million dollars and it is still going strong. Members of SGU staff, faculty and student body, as well as graduates and family members of students and graduates, individuals from the general public, church groups, administrators, faculty and students from other academic institutions, companies and foundations have all made it their business to come to the aid of the Grenadian community.

The WINDREF/SGU Relief Fund for Grenada account, instituted in mid September, started out with a first week’s sum of $27, 621.00. The checks steadily flowed into the fund which broke the $100,000 milestone on October 4 with a total of $106,000. With substantial contributions from organizations such as The Mangone Foundation on behalf of Dr. Leon Smith, the SGUSOM Alumni Association, Bender, Ciccotto & Co., the HALO Group, and some of our very generous alumni, the fund has received a total of $228,811.38 to date.

The Fund procured building materials in Grenada with the first $40,000.00; these materials are being utilized in the rebuilding of Grenadian homes. Additional materials for rebuilding are being bought both in Grenada and elsewhere and being shipped in.

On October 14, 2004, Almighty Services/Aries International, Inc., the freight company receiving goods on behalf of the relief effort, shipped 5,127 pounds of goods to Grenada. The shipment contained canned food, clothing for men, women, and children, blankets, towels, medical relief supplies, toiletries and bottled water. The costs of shipping donated goods are being covered by the WINDREF/SGU Relief Fund for Grenada.

Goods continue to arrive in and we have been contacted by a church group that has implemented a Christmas drive, collecting donated toys and other gift items to be distributed to Grenadian children during the holidays. The cost of shipping these gifts will also be covered by the Relief Fund. We have, indeed, been fortunate to receive such an enthusiastic, and heart warming response to the plight of the Grenadian community from so many people and extend our sincerest gratitude to all who have contributed funds and/or taken the time, trouble and expense to ship much needed goods and supplies. These efforts are greatly appreciated.

How to Contribute to the Fund

October 28, 2004 Report