Twenty-Eight St. George’s University Medical Students Awarded Merit Scholarships

Today, St. George’s University School of Medicine announced that it had awarded nearly $1.7 million in Legacy of Excellence scholarships to 28 students in its January 2018 entering class.

“We established our Legacy of Excellence scholarships because we believe that every talented student with a passion for medicine should have the opportunity to pursue a career in the field,” said Dr. G. Richard Olds, President of St. George’s University. “These scholarships will empower students who might otherwise not be able to afford medical school a chance to achieve their dreams.”

Twenty of the outstanding students in this January class received Legacy of Excellence (LOE) scholarships, which offer $60,000 in funding to students with strong academic records and MCAT scores.

Eight students were awarded Chancellor’s Circle Legacy of Excellence (CCLOE) scholarships, valued at $80,100 each. These scholarships recognize students who earned a GPA of at least 3.7 during their undergraduate studies, as well as a minimum GPA in the sciences of 3.5 and top MCAT scores.

More than 1,440 students have received CCLOE/LOE scholarships since their inception. In total, St. George’s University has awarded over $70 million in CCLOE/LOE funding. Through its various scholarship programs, SGU has granted students more than $100 million.

This cycle’s scholarship students include representatives from the United States, Canada, Vietnam, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Our CCLOE/LOE recipients go on to become leaders at St. George’s University—and across the wider medical community,” Dr. Olds said. “We look forward to helping this talented new crop of aspiring physicians develop their medical skills in Grenada.”