Two Canadian clinics join SGU’s elective network

Clinical training opportunities in Canada continue to emerge for St. George’s University medical students. Two clinics—Terrace Hill Paediatrics and Carrot Health in Ontario, Canada—recently joined the more than 75 sites that welcome SGU trainees, offering fourth-year students a range of disciplines to choose from.

Students will be able to apply for an elective at both clinics starting this fall, selecting from specialties such as pediatrics, ophthalmology, and ophthalmic surgery.

“This is a unique opportunity for Canadian SGU students to complete electives close to home,” said Charles Furey, SGU’s director of admissions for Canada, noting that more than 80 percent of Canadian SGU students hail from Ontario. “Electives are important for two important reasons—they give students clinical experience and the opportunity to network at a hospital, as well as the opportunity to obtain a letter of reference, which is worth its weight in gold when seeking a residency.”

Located in Brantford, Ontario, Terrace Hill Paediatrics provides consulting pediatric services for a variety of medical and neurobehavioral pediatric issues. The range of medical conditions include all domains of pediatrics such as asthma, eczema, congenital defects, and surveillance care for premature babies to name but a few. In addition, Terrace Hill provides chronic complex care of children with genetic syndromes, autism, ADHD, and developmental delays.

Sarangan Uthayalingam, MD ’09, a full-time consultant pediatrician at Terrace Hill and pediatric hospitalist at the Brant County Health Care System, looks forward to welcoming SGU students this fall.

“I am very fortunate to be in an environment where over the last seven years I have been able to grow as a physician as well as a medical educator,” said Dr. Uthayalingham. “As an SGU alumnus, I hope to give back to SGU and its trainees in hopes of providing them with a unique opportunity to train in a community that represents all aspects of Canadian heritage. I am thankful to SGU for where I am today and hope to support the current SGU trainees in their journey back home,” he said.

Carrot Health is one of Canada’s leading ophthalmology centers with locations in Brampton and Oakville. Dr. Yasser Khan, the medical director of Carrot Health, and his team of professionals provide a variety of eye care, including cataracts, reflective lens exchange, glaucoma treatment, and vision therapy.

The two sites join Booth Neurology, North Bay Dermatology Centre, Ottawa Cardiovascular Centre, and Pembroke Regional Hospital in SGU’s network of Canadian elective locations. All told, more than 75 hospitals and clinics in the US, UK, and Canada are available for students to obtain clinical training.


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