UK Registration Eased for St. George’s University Medical Graduates

The General Medical Council in the United Kingdom recently agreed to allow overseas doctors, including students from St. George’s University School of Medicine, sit Part I of the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board after they complete their medical program requirements rather than after graduation.

This decision potentially reduces the time frame of becoming registered and able to take a house job (internship year) by a considerable number of months and is of significance for St. George’s students wishing to practice medicine in the United Kingdom after graduation as they will not have to wait as long to be eligible to seek postgraduate training.

As of August 2005, the six-month long Pre-Registration House Officer posts in the UK will come to an end. Foundation Year Posts, Years 1 and 2 will come into effect. Throughout the UK there are a number of Foundation Year Posts which are not matched to UK Medical Schools and which will be available to St. George’s qualified students. Application for these Posts has to be made one year prior. The Office of Career Guidance has a new member specifically to deal with UK practice issues as the path to medicine in the UK becomes more attractive for St. George’s graduates.

The University mounted an intensive campaign which included meetings with senior politicians from the major political parties in the UK, letters from the Dean of Clinical Studies to national newspapers, and support work with members of the press about the quality of education at St. George’s University in relation to the doctor shortage in the United Kingdom. Formerly, it took up to 18 months for a St. George’s graduate to qualify for postgraduate training. This easing of the time restrictions is wonderful news for those St. George’s students whose ambition is to practice medicine in the United Kingdom.

Published on 03/07/2005