University of the West Indies’s (UWI) Vice Chancellor Visits St. George’s University

Professor E. Nigel Harris, Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies (UWI), made his first official visit to St. George’s University last week, a significant step in cultivating a stronger alliance between the two institutions.

Professor Harris’ tour of campus, led by Mr. Paddy Ross, SGU’s Dean Emeritus of Caribbean and UK Clinical Studies, took place on Tuesday, November 8th. Professor Harris was impressed by the commitment manifested in SGU’s campus, “You have a beautiful campus,” he said. “The buildings compliment the environment to create an appealing ambience – one conducive to work and study.”

Professor Harris was in Grenada attending the Eighth Annual UWI Medical Alumni Association International Medical Conference held at the Grenada Beach Resort, a conference in which St. George’s was invited to participate. The title of the conference was “UWI and Medical Education for the Caribbean and the World in the 21st Century.” Visiting SGU’s True Blue campus was one of his priorities on this trip to Grenada.

One of the discussion topics during Professor Harris’ visit was a possible collaboration between SGU and UWI for the postgraduate training of medical graduates. This collaborative effort would increase the possiblities of partnership in the necessary development of medical education in the region. It further enhances the growing spirit of cooperation in the Caribbean region amongst dedicated medical education professionals interested in high academic standards. Since 1999 there have been several visits from UWI officials and numerous instances of collaborative efforts, including visits from UWI researchers to participate in research presentations organized by WINDREF.

UWI operates in 15 countries in the Caribbean region, including Grenada. Each year the conferences are held on a different island. Although Grenada would have been chosen to host the conference before Hurricanes Ivan and Emily, Professor Harris stated that it was particularly apt for the conference to be held in Grenada this year, “We felt certain we would want to come to Grenada and lend our support. After all Grenada is part of our UWI family.”

Published on 11/14/2005