Vetsim Quiz Winner Praises St. George’s University Vet Summer Academy

kimberly noonKimberley Noon is a nineteen year old student studying Animal Science at the University of Nottingham.  Kimberley was one of over 5,000 A-level students who attended the popular UK Vetsim and Medsim (short for simulation) conferences.  The Vetsim 3 Day Course, which Kimberley attended, offers students who intend to study veterinary medicine the opportunity to experience the clinical practice of veterinary medicine, practical sessions and animal contact first hand, significantly strengthening their knowledge and skills.  Students have the opportunity to be on-call and work under pressure, supervised by veterinarians and senior veterinary students.  Medsim offers potential medical students a similarly challenging and rewarding experience.

For seven years, SGU has participated at both Vetsim and Medsim.  As part of the conferences, SGU prepares a quiz for students based on lectures attended and SGU’s own presentation.  Each year SGU awards three students with the highest scores complementary attendance to the Med/Vet Summer Academy in Grenada.   Kimberley was the only winner in the veterinary medicine category.

Now in its fifth successful year, the Med/Vet Summer Academy customizes its academic program to both premedical and preveterinary medical students of high school and college age groups.

While attending Vetsim,  Kimberley learned of the Vet Summer Academy at SGU. Although she was familiar with the University’s medical school, she was not aware that SGU had a veterinary medical program.  Her first visit to Grenada and the True Blue Campus left quite an impression as she settled in for the 10-day course she was so eager to start.

Each day was filled with informative lectures, labs and activities that exceeded her expectations.   Kimberley was most influenced by the labs held at the University.  “I feel you learn a lot by watching other people work, and then trying it on your own,” she said.  “The labs provided helpful notes, and question and answer sheets at the end of each session.  The small group problem-solving sessions were also extremely beneficial.”  She was impressed by the facilities both on and off-campus, saying that the state-of-the-art laboratories and lecture rooms were second to none, and the visits to the Small Animal Hospital and the farm were “inspirational.”  In addition, the quality of the professors and the organization of the staff helped make her experience invaluable.

While the amount of free time was limited, many of the off-campus activities provided a rare opportunity to experience the island.   “Although our schedule was full academically, we also had the opportunity to see the beauty of Grenada first hand.  In fact,” said Kimberley, “my first time snorkeling was off Grenada’s exquisite coast line.”  Other off-campus activities included hiking in the rain forest, dolphin watching and an evening ocean cruise.

Kimberley said that one unforeseen benefit to the program was the friendships she developed with several of the other students in the program.  “Even though we were in Grenada for a short time, I  will continue to keep in touch with many of the new friends I met on the Island.”  Overall, Kimberley’s experience at the Vet  Summer Academy was one she will not forget, as it enhanced her knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine and offered her a tremendous opportunity for personal growth.

Kimberley is preparing for a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Nottingham, a leading research and teaching university regularly ranked among the top ten higher education institutions in the UK.  She plans to focus her studies on wildlife and zoo animals.  She considers herself fortunate to have experienced the Vet  Summer Academy, as it reinforced her passion to practice veterinary medicine, a dream she has had since childhood.   Now that Kimberley has seen what SGU has to offer, she said, “I will certainly consider SGUSVM for my continued education.”

Published on 8/20/07