The Virtual Hospital Program

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To date, over five hundred Grenadians have directly benefited from a number of clinics facilitated under St. George’s University’s Virtual Hospital Program. The quality of health care has also been positively impacted as in excess of US$500,000 in equipment and medical supplies have been donated, therefore increasing ‘capability’ and ‘capacity’ to treat more patients at the General Hospital.

The Clinics were conducted by alumni and friends of St. George’s University. Brendon La Grenade, Coordinator of the Virtual Hospital Program, stated “Because our network is as great as it is, we had a vast array of medical professionals who are loyal to the University and willing to volunteer their time and service to the development of health care in Grenada.”

He further added, “Soon enough other colleagues got involved and the program evolved from lectures to having senior residents working with the medical staff at the General Hospital.” It was at this juncture, the Virtual Hospital Program evolved to host a variety of clinics in specializations such as ophthalmology, podiatry, endoscopy and cardiology among others for the Grenadian public. As a result, numerous collaborations have been established with health care providers, hospitals and agencies throughout the United States, and around the world.

St. George’s University’s Virtual Hospital Program was established in 2007 following a signed memorandum with the Government of Grenada, to collaborate with the Ministry of Health and the General Hospital in the delivery of optimum health care.  The program which was designed to mentor health care providers officially began in 2008 on a one-week rotation, in which segments of the emergency curriculum were lectured and demonstrated at the General Hospital to members within the Accident and Emergency Department.

The program continues to facilitate a holistic approach to health care through teaching seminars and clinics and the Program Coordinator noted “We are constantly working with the Ministry of Health on ways to bridge the short falls at the General Hospital and the medical community at large, because the aim of the program is to improve health care delivery in Grenada.”  As St. George’s University seeks to nurture the relationship forged with the Ministry of Health and the Government of Grenada, future plans include increased collaboration in the areas of pediatric ophthalmology and intensive care training for staff at the General Hospital.