Research Day

Phi Zeta Research Day 2019

March 16, 2019

Event details TBA. For a sample of the event format and breakout sessions, please see the details below for Research Day 2017.

One Health One Medicine Symposium in Celebration of SGU’s 40th Anniversary

Incorporating the 17th Research Day and 6th Phi Zeta Research Emphasis Day
October 21 and 22, 2017


Registration (Lower Lobby)


Breakfast (Upper Taylor Hall [UTH])


Official group photograph of participants (UTH)


Welcome – Joe Childers (Provost) (UTH)
Research at SGU – Calum Macpherson (Director of Research) (UTH)
SOM Research update- Marios Loukas (Dean of Basic Sciences)(UTH)
The role of IRB in Research – Maira Du Plesis (IRB Chair)(UTH)
IACUC Report – Karin Kalchofner Guerrero (IACUC Chair)(UTH)


Plenary 1 (UTH)
Chair: Calum Macpherson
Pseudo-Journals: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of a Predatory Disease
Paul J. Fields, PhD


Plenary 2 (UTH)
Zoonoses: Our Blind Spot of One Health One Medicine
Satesh Bidaisee, DVM, MPH, Ed.D, Richard Kabuusu, BVM, MPH, PhD, Andrea Easter Pilcher PhD, Calum Macpherson, PhD


Coffee Break (UTH)


Breakout Sessions 1A & 2A (Red East Wing)
Breakout Sessions 1B & 2B
(Blue West Wing)


Lunch/Plenary 4 (UTH)


Plenary 4 (UTH)
Chair: Diana Stone
One Health as a Driver to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
Guy Palmer, DVM, PhD


Breakout Sessions 3A & 4A (Red East Wing)
Breakout Sessions 3B & 4B
(Blue West Wing)


Coffee Break (UTH)


Plenary 6 (UTH)
Chair: Antonia McDonald
“Obesity Prevention: Health vs Non-Health Solutions”
Fitzroy Henry, MSc, PhD


Poster Session (UTH): Electronic Posters should have contributors by their posters during this time.  A wine and cheese reception will accompany the poster session in the UTH


Research Day 1 Close


Registration (Lower Lobby)


Breakfast (UTH)


Plenary 7 (UTH)
Chair: Walter Kolbinger
“Abuse of Legal Substances for Recreational Purposes: a transcultural phenomenon”
Chulathida Chomchai, MD, MPH


Breakout Sessions 5A & 6A (Red East Wing)
Breakout Sessions 5B & 6B (Blue West Wing)


Plenary 8 (UTH)
Chair: Brian Pilcher
Entomophagy-associated histamine poisoning: an under-recognized threat from our future food
Summon Chomchai, MD, MPH


Lunch/Plenary 9 (UTH)


Plenary 9 (UTH)
Chair: Brian Butler
One Health: understanding interactions, informing interventions
Sarah Cleaveland, OBE, VetMB, PhD, FRS


Research Day:  Closing remarks – Calum Macpherson.
Award of door prizes – Joe Childers
Closing ceremony song – Satesh Bidaisee

Breakout Session 1A

Chair: Melinda Wilkerson
Alfred Chikweto

Breakout Session 2A

Chair: Kathryn Gibson
Rapporteur: Victor Amadi

Breakout Session 1B

Chair: Wendy Crawford
Annie Gill

Breakout  Session 2B

Chair: Ian Baptiste
Damian Greaves

Breakout Session 3A

Chair: Sonia Cheetham
Ian Murray

Breakout Session 4A

Chair: Cristofre Martin
Rapporteur: Leon Radix

Breakout Session 3B

Chair: Glen Jacobs
Sara Rabie

Breakout Session 4B

Chair: Diane Salter
Heather Brathwaite

Breakout session 5A

Chair: Arno Werners
Rhonda Pinckney

Breakout Session 6A

Chair: Joanna Rayner
Rapporteur: David Marancik

  • 10:05–10:20am  Staphylococcus pseudintermedius in dogs in Grenada- Josephine A. Afema, Diana Stone, Victor Amadi, Brian Butler, Kathryn Gibson, Devendra H. Shah, Narayan C. Paul, Lisa P. Jones, Margaret A. Davis
  • 10:20–10:35am Serovars and antimicrobial resistance of non-typhoidal Salmonella isolated from non-diarrheic dogs in Grenada -Victor A. Amadi, Harry Hariharan, Gitanjali Arya, Vanessa Matthew-Belmar, Roxanne Nicholas-Thomas, Rhonda Pinckney, Ravindra Sharma, Roger Johnson
  • 10:35-10:50am  Effect of non-typhoidal Salmonella infection on risk of malaria parasite transmission in a mouse coinfection model- Lattha Souvannaseng, Rashaun Potts, Gregory Walker, Annica Stull-Lane, Brian P. Butler, Shirley Luckhart, Renee M. Tsolis
  • 10:50-11:05am  Comparison of methadone and morphine on regurgitation, gastroesophageal reflux and postoperative analgesia in dogs undergoing ovariohysterectomy- Mercedes Miccio, Andrea Schwarz, Emily Turitto, Rodolfo Bruhl-Day, Paul Fields, Karin Kalchofner
  • 11:05-11:20 am  A Secondary Analysis of Drug Treatment Data in Grenada, to Describe the Characteristics of Treatment Seekers and List the Main Drugs Driving Treatment – Elizabeth Japal
Breakout Session 5B

Chair: Theresa McCann  
Mary Maj

Breakout Session 6B

Chair: Andrew Sobering
Rapporteur: Alfred Chikweto

Poster 1

Establishing Writing Resources for Graduate Students at SGU- Maribel Greene, Emily Harms, Lauren Musgrove

Poster 2

Conception, Piloting and Evaluation of a Certificate Program in University Teaching Designed for a Special Purpose Institution in the Caribbean- Diane Salter, Paul J. Fields, Shannon Rushe

Poster 3

Building Collaboration and Resolving Conflict through “Gridwork”- Gwen Burbank

Poster 4

Comparative Study of Artificial Neural Network Models with Different Training Functions for Classification Problems- Somasundaram Senthilkumar

Poster 5

The Whiteboard as a Learning Tool – Strategies for Meaningful Learning- Michele Woolley, Lauren Orlando

Poster 6

Symbolic Dynamics in the Equal Mass Free-Fall Three-Body Problem: Analysis of Ergodic Components- Aleksandr Mylläri, Nikolay Vassiliev, Tatiana Mylläri, Anna Myullyari

Poster 7

The Relationship between Second Language Acquisition and the Extraversion-Introversion Dimension of Personality- Dorcina Noel, Heather Brathwaite

Poster 8

Undergraduate “Buzz Groups” in Anatomy & Physiology: Implementation and Assessment- Deepak Sharma, Peter Slinger, Mondel George

Poster 9

The Importance of Acknowledging Outstanding Facilitators- Donella Telesford, Tandy James, Asha Lessey-Charles, Jutta Sylvester, Sara Rabie,  Bevalin Alexander, Golda Mahesh,  Kimanii Daniel,  Aklemia Lucas

Poster 10

Selection of A New Video Management System to Facilitate Medical Education- Donna Walker, Dari Twum-Barimah, Kellidon Niles

Poster 11

Video recording studios for production of asynchronous content in support of medical education- Donna Walker, Jonathan Modica, Andrew Sobering

Poster 12

Computer Algebra Systems for Simulating Modern Art: Enforcing “Fractal” Structure- Maria Myllari, Donna Walker, Jurell Benjamin, Tatiana Myllari

Poster 13

HOW TO TRAIN A DOCTOR 2? Merging Clinical Reasoning with Physiological Concepts.- Gabrielle Walcott-Bedeau, Juanette McKenzie, Roxann Lewis-Roberts, Richard Ajuyah, John Speake, Theresa J. McCann

Poster 14

Applicability of Pairwise Separations Methods in Astronomy: Influence of Noise in Data- Jurell Benjamin, Donna Walker, Aleksandr Mylläri, Tatiana Mylläri

Poster 15

Haptic Simulation Geared Towards Medical Students for Integrated Clinical Preparation: Cardiopulmonary Scenarios- Jina Horton, Samantha Dickson, Erica Jacobson , Betty-Ann Sandy, Karina Valenzuela, Chris Quick, Meghan Jacobsen, Rachel Bozeman, Trent Wildman, John Speake, Theresa J. McCann

Poster 16

Using Workshops to Deliver and Enhance Learning Strategies:  Review and Evaluation- Peter Slinger, Joanne Buckland, Sara Rabie, Andrea Blair, Marsha Nicholson

Poster 17

Origin of ammonium in Woburn Bay, Grenada West Indies, 12.0°N 61.6°W- McCain, M., Karla Farmer, Kraus, A., Bartholomew, N.  Lin, A. , Barranco, J., Makeda Matthew and Svetlana Kotelnikova

Poster 18

Sea Turtles in Grenada, West Indies: A summary of nesting data 2005-2017- Kate Elizabeth Charles, Clare Emma Morrall, Kester Lennin Charles, Carl Lloyd

Poster 19

Teaching Safety and Health using Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Best Practices enhanced by Pictorial Case Study- Paul Pounder, Kerryann Jaggassar

Poster 20

Global Effects of Latex Gloves in Healthcare: Reflections on Ethics and One Health- Anam Purewal, Andrew Kossack, Satesh Bidaisee, CC Macpherson

Poster 21

Aetiology and antibiotic susceptibility profiles of blood culture isolates from Grenada General Hospital (2009-2013)- Daniel P High, Rupudaman Joshi, Grant A Lambert, & Zara M Ross

Poster 22

Diversity in nursing in Grenada compared to the USA and UK – implications for recruitment- Jennifer Solomon, Otis Lewis, Sameem Rahaman, Keishia Pascall

Poster 23

Care giver role strain in Carriacou – does it exist? A report on the findings of the Modified Caregiver Strain Index (MCSI) and implications for interventions- Jennifer Solomon, Dorian Batson, Moida St Louis, Lantoria Heuston, Aleshia Lewis

Poster 24

The SGU Interest Group in Genomics: Promoting genetics and outreach to a resource-limited community- Oleksandra Petryna, Shruthi Rethi, Beverly Nelson, Tyhiesia Donald, Andrew K. Sobering and the SGU Interest Group in Genomics

Poster 25

Alcohol, Aviation and Aeronautical Decision Making Among Caribbean Pilots- Satesh Bidaisee

Poster 26

Incidence and five year survival rate for head and neck cancers in Grenada compared to the African American population over the period 1991-2010- Maira du Plessis, Robert Hage

Poster 27

Validation of a rapid RT-PCR Chlamydia test, and evaluation of Copan ESwab ® and Aptima specimen collection kit for the transport of Chlamydia specimens- Maria E. Ramos-Nino, Karla Farmer, Grace Dolphin-Bond, Christine Wojewoda,  Ivo Boudakov, Grant Lambert,and Joanna Rayner

Poster 28

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome: A Developmental Disorder- Wayne Thompson, Patrick Carey, Andrew K. Sobering

Poster 29

Evaluation of the Neuroprotective Effect of Hypothermic Total Liquid Ventilation in a Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy Model- Micheline Anne Beaulieu

Poster 30

Structural and Non-structural Protein Similarity among Dengue and Zika Flaviviridae In silico hybridization of the genomes- Tisha King Ondoua, Munachiso Egbo Vishnu Singh, Shayne Sharpe, Alex Bissessar,Alexander Mold, Christian Hadeed, Christopher Gil Johnson, Dawnlyn George, Drezelle Mills, Keghan Dookhran, Kelsey Dowers, Lorraine Chong Tai, Lystra Williams, Meshach Pillai, Nadine Joseph, Phenyo Phuu, Radha Shah, Sime Maharaj, Karla Farmer-Diaz and Svetlana Kotelnikova

Poster 31

Variation of Ammonium in Coastal Water of Southeastern Grenada, West Indies- Makeda Matthew, Sarah Tabin,  Samantha Jenkins, Lauren Smith, Peter Giesler, and Svetlana Kotelnikova

Poster 32

Females in Veterinary Medicine: Why the Choice?- Satesh Bidaisee

Poster 33

Knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions on genetically modified mosquitoes: Case for sterile mosquito release in Grenada- Anjali Ghodasara, Marisa Deliso, Satesh Bidaisee

Poster 34

Validation of a Luminex xMAP MultiFLEX Vector-borne Panel for canine blood-derived pathogens in Grenada- Alok Desa, Bhumika Sharma, Andy Alhassan, Roman Ganta, Kathryn Gibson, Melinda Wilkerson

Poster 35

Field surveillance of Aedes aegypti in Grenada, West Indies- Daniel Fitzpatrick, Andy Hsueh, Lindsey Hattaway, Andrew Kushnir, Maria Ramos-Nino, Sonia Cheetam

Poster 36

Exposure to Alphaviruses and Flaviviruses in bats of Grenada, West Indies – Diana Stone, Amy C. Lyons, Yan-Jang S. Huang, Dana L. Vanlandingham, Stephen Higgs, Bradley J. Blitvich, Abiodun A. Adesiyun, Sharlene E. Santana, Leith Leiser-Miller, Sonia Cheetham

Poster 37

Morphological and Genetic Characterization of Intestinal Flukes of the Caribbean Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Eretmochelys imbritica- Monica Tetnowski, Daniel Fitzpatrick, Graham Rosser, Rhonda Pinckney, David Marancik, Brian Butler

Poster 38

Identification and characterization of Grenadian freshwater fish species through DNA Barcoding- Chris J. McMonagle, David P. Marancik, Vanessa C. Matthews-Belmar, Priscilla C. Barger, Joseph C. Newton

Poster 39

In-house PCR-based ×MAP oligonucleotide assay for vector borne diseases in dogs: development and comparison with a commercial kit- Bhumika Sharma, Melinda J. Wilkerson, Roman R. Ganta, Alok Desai, Diana Stone, Kathryn Gibson

Poster 40

Seroprevalence of antibodies to astrovirus in chickens in Grenada, West Indies- Keshaw Tiwari, Ravindra N Sharma, Claude DeAllie, Connell KO, Dufayet R, Maufras T

Poster 41

Contribution of inflammatory monocytes to the pathogenesis of Salmonella-induced colitis- Patrick A. McLaughlin, Julie A. Bettke, Jason W. Tam, Joanna D. Luke, Jesse Leeds, James B. Bliska, Brian P. Butler, Adrianus W.M. van der Velden

Poster 42

A Comparison of Butterfly Abundance and Diversity Across Different Habitat Types in Grenada, West Indies- Quincy Augustine, Jenese Roberts, Robyn Browne, Calum Noël, Ariel Church, Saditha Benjamin, Shanell Cyrus, Leon Radix, Andrea Easter-Pilcher

Poster 43

Animal sentinels for human injury and environmental conditions a new look at hardware disease in Grenada- Satesh Bidaisee, Samantha A. Cook

Poster 44

MLST genotype of Campylobacter spp. isolated from indigenous chickens in Grenada, West Indies- Sharma Ravindra, Tiwari Keshaw, Amadi Victor , Mor Sunil Kumar , Goyal Sagar M., Belmar Vanessa Matthew, Avendano Estefania, Hariharan Harry

Poster 45

Campylobacter species isolated from pigs in Grenada exhibited novel clones: genotypes and antimicrobial resistance profiles of sequence types -Victor A. Amadi, Vanessa Matthew-Belmar, Charmarthy Subbarao, Isaac Kashoma, Gireesh Rajashekara, Ravindra Sharma, Harry Hariharan, Diana Stone

Poster 46

Gram negative bacteria associated with the gastrointestinal tracts of bats and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pnuemoniae- Victor A. Amadi, Vanessa Matthew-Belmar, Sonia Cheetham, Ravindra Sharma and Harry Hariharan

Poster 47

Phenotypic Diversity and Antibiotic Resistance of Clinical and Non-Clinical Bacterial Isolates from Drinking Water in Grenada, West Indies- Jerika Brooks, Hannah Burchette, Alina Sanin, Makeda Matthew and Svetlana Kotelnikova

Poster 48

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: A Genetic Disorder of Altered Collagen Structure- Amr Wardeh, Tyson Jackson, Mary Maj, Beverly Nelson, Andrew K. Sobering

Poster 49

Vector-borne Diseases and Public Health: 1986-2010- Sundus Ahmed, Nagasudha Chigurupati, Satesh Bidaisee

Poster 50

Retrospective study of Oestrus Ovis larvae infestation in small ruminants in Grenada, W.I- Sarah McConnell, Abigail Taylor, Nicole Beals, Caroline Frank, Alfred Chikweto

Poster 51

Seroepidemiology of leptospirosis in pigs in Grenada- Elān Armstrong, Kathryn Gibson, Keshawn Tiwari and Ravindra Sharma

Poster 52

Do You Know How To Swim?The Grenada Youth Adventurers’ breaks barriers with its new initiative, The National Learn to Swim Week (NLTSW)- Gabrielle Walcott-Bedeau, Madonna Phillip, Shirleen Robertson, Petal Rush, Neil Atmaram, Fernando Mora

Poster 53

The percentage of Nurses in Grenada with Baccalaureate Degrees. Implications for Patient outcomes and Education- Jennifer Solomon, Shante Marryshow, Lindy Jackasa

Poster 54

Medical Humanities in the Medical School Curriculum- Kimberly Pham, Cheryl Cox Macpherson

Poster 55

Gatekeepers’ perceptions of the quality and availability of services for breast and cervical cancer patients in the English-speaking Windward Islands: an exploratory investigation- Kamilah  B. Thomas-Purcell, Will L. Tarver,  Christine  Richards, Marva  Primus-Joseph

Poster 56

Respiratory health outcomes associated with living around a diesel power plant- Jerry Enoe, Gerad St Cyr, Adetoun Ilesanmi, Dianne Roberts, Omur Cinar Elci

Poster 57

Examination of insectivorous bats (Molossus molossus) in Grenada for trematodes and Neorickettsia DNA- Amber L. Lee, Kathryn E. Gibson