Research Investigators

SGU carries out short- and long-term studies in a wide range of disciplines.  Please select your area of interest from the menus below:

Name Area of Interest
Firdous Ahmad Khan, BVSc, MVSc, DVSc, DACT
Assistant Professor
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Theriogenology, Equine and bovine endometritis, Uterine proteomics, Follicular dynamics, Canine transmissible venereal tumor
Justina Aire, B.Ed, M.Ed, PhD
Assistant Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Adjunct Associate Professor, Preveterinary Program/Leadership Programs

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Tom Aifuo Aire, DVM, PhD
Program Director, Anatomy and Physiology
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Reproductive biology of male laboratory animals, Reproductive biology of male wildlife, Reproductive biology of male birds, Reproductive toxicology in laboratory animals and birds
Euan Allan, BSc, MSc, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathobiology, School of Veterinary Medicine
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Immunology, Autoimmunity, Neuroinflammation, Parasitology, In Vivo and In Vitro models, Animal models of disease, Comparative Immunology
Muhammad I. Bhaiyat, BVM, PhD
Professor, Veterinary Pathology
Department of Paraclinical Studies
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Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals, Wild Animals, Poultry
Satesh Bidaisee DVM, MSPH, EdD, CPH, FRSPH
Professor of Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Assistant Dean for School of Graduate Studies
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Emerging Infectious Diseases , Zoonoses, Food Safety and Food Security, Graduate Medical Education, One Health, One Medicine Concept
Sonia Cheetham Brow, DVM, PhD
Associate Professor, Veterinary Virology
Department of Pathobiology, SVM
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Viruses, Teaching, Research using both in vitro and in vivo models, Zoonotic viruses, Viruses in Grenada
Dirk Burkhardt MD, MSc, PhD
Professor of Neuroscience
Department of Physiology and Neuroscience
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Energy Conservation, Photovoltaic Systems, Environmental Research, Sustainable Energies, Renewable Energy Sources
Brian Phillip Butler, DVM, MPH, PhD
Associate Professor
Director of Diagnostic Anatomic Pathology
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Mucosal immunology, Animal models of infectious disease, Alimentary and hepatobiliary pathology, Dermatopathology, Salmonella pathogenesis
Reccia N. Charles, DIBA
Associate Professor, International Business & Finance
Department of Business
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National Cultures, National Context, Absenteeism, Goal Orientation, Motivation, Job Satisfaction, Nutmeg Industry, Eco-Tourism, Country-of-Origin marketing, Task, Relationship, and Overload Stress Inventory
Alfred Chikweto, BVM, MSc, PhD
Associate Professor, Veterinary Pathology
Department of Pathobiology
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Toxoplasmosis, Cryptosposporidiosis in small ruminants, Animal neoplasms
Mark T. Clunes, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Physiology/Neuroscience
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Epithelial Ion Transport, Mucociliary Clearance, Cellular Transduction, Airway Pharmacology
Anne Marie Corrigan, MS, DVM, MS DACVIM (SAIM)
Professor, Small Animal Internal Medicine
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Infectious diseases
Vincent A. DeBari, PhD
Professor of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Seton Hall University
Associate Professor of Medicine, St. George’s University, School of Medicine
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Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Physiological and Clinical Chemistry, Immunochemistry and Molecular Immunology
Camila B. Dores, DVM, MSc,PhD, ACVP
Associate Professor, Pathobiology
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Reproductive Pathology, Comparative Biology, Animal Models, Toxicology, Tissue Derived Stem Cells
June Douglas, PhD
School of Arts and Sciences
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Writing as therapy - Alternative medicine in the Caribbean
Hugh W. Ferguson BVM&S, PhD, Dipl. ACVP, MRCVS, FRCPath
Professor Part Time, Department of Pathobiology
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Comparative pathology, Pathophysiology, Defence mechanisms in lower vertebrates, especially fish
Paul J. Fields, PhD
Professor, Office of Research
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Biostatistics, Biomedical Research
Dan Fitzpatrick, M.S.
Demonstrator Level III, St. George's University
School of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Pathobiology
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Entomology, Molecular genetics analysis, Virology, Parasitology, Cell and bacterial culture
Martin St. Clair Forde, ScD, P. Eng
Chair, Public Health and Preventive Medicine
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Occupational Health and Safety, Workplace Evaluation, Exposure Assessment, Environmental Health, Evaluation of exposures to Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPS), Pesticides and heavy metals, Biomedical Waste Management, Ergonomics, Industrial Hygiene, Zoonoses
Francesca Ivaldi, MS, DVM
Associate Professor Small Animal Medicine and Surgery Academic Program
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Clinical Skills, Dentistry, Education, Small Animal Surgery
Heidi Janicke, VetMed, PhD, MRCVS, Dipl. ECVS, SFHEA
Associate Professor
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Equine Surgery, Large Animal surgery, Equine Inflammatory diseases, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Assessment in Higher Education, Curriculum Design in Higher Education
Richard Mugwanya Kabuusu, BVM, MPH, CPH, PhD
Associate Professor, Veterinary Clinical Pathology and Public Health
Department of Pathobiology
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Disease mapping, zoonotics, medical history, diagnostics, injury and infectious disease epidemiology, and ultrastructural pathology
Emmanuel O. Keku, MA, MSPH, MD, FAHA
Professor of Epidemiology
Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine
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Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), Obesity, Nutritional Determinants of Chronic Diseases, Genetic Determinants Of Diseases, and Clinical Trials, Infectious Disease Epidemiology - Emerging Infectious Disease, HIV and HPV
Kamashi Kumar, BVSc & AH, MVSc, PhD
Associate Professor of Pharmacology
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Antimicrobial resistance, medicinal properties of natural plants, cell culture studies, nanoparticles, drug toxicity
Marta Lanza-Perea, Bach in Vet Med, MSc, MRCVS
Associate Professor for Small Animal Medicine and Surgery
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Infectious Diseases, Specially Tick Borne Diseases, Shelter Medicine, One Health Once Medicine, Transmissible Venereal Tumor, Soft Tissue Surgery
Marios Loukas, MD, PhD
Department of Anatomical Sciences
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Cardiac Anatomy, Cardiovascular Pathology, Surgical Anatomy and Technique, Arteriogenesis, Angiogenesis, Medical Education, History of Medicine, Molecular Biology, Teaching, Learning & Assessment, Ultrasound, Medical Education, Anatomical Services
Antonia MacDonald, PhD
Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
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The Writings of Caribbean Women, Caribbean Literary Theory, Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Black Studies, Post Colonial Studies, Folklore, St. Lucian Literature
Cheryl Macpherson, PhD
Professor and Head, Bioethics Division, Department of Clinical Skills, WINDREF Senior Research Fellow
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Research ethics, Public health ethics, Environmental health ethics, Bioethics education, Caribbean bioethics, End-of life and undertreated pain
Calum N.L. Macpherson, PhD, DIC
Vice Provost, International Development Program
Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Director of Research
Professor, Parasitology, School of Medicine
Professor, Veterinary Parasitology, School of Veterinary Medicine
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Parasitology, Tropical Medicine, Epidemiology of Parasitic Zoonoses, Ultrasound for Tropical Parasitic Diseases
Mary C. Maj, PhD
Associate Professor
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Mitochondrial dysregulation in human disease, inborn errors of metabolism, oxidative phosphorylation, regulation of pyruvate dehydrogenase, reactive oxygen species in Parkinson’s disease, role of adenosine kinase in epileptogenesis
Dr. Kesava Kumar Mandalaneni, MBBS
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
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Neurology, Stroke Study, Educational Research, History of Neurology, (Neuromyelitis Optica) , Multiple Sclerosis, Neurological & Mental health Policy making
Dave Marancik, DVM, PhD, CertAqVet
Associate Professor of Aquatic Animal Medicine, Department of Pathobiology, School of Veterinary Medicine
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Aquaculture, Aquatic Animals, Biomarkers of Disease, Disease Diagnostics, Immunology, Pathology, Wildlife Veterinary Medicine
Cristofre Martin, PhD
Department of Biochemistry
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Heat Shock Proteins (HSP), Marine Biology, Global Warming Effects on Coral Reef Development, Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology, Genomics
Clare Morrall, PhD
Director of the Marine Biology Program
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Marine Medicine
Kerri Nigito, BSc, DVM
Clinical Instructor, Large Animal Medicine and Surgery, SVM
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Food safety, Food residues
Stephen Nimrod, MSc
Instructor in Marine Biology
Department of Life Sciences
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Marine Protected Areas (MPA), Coral Reef Conservation, Coral Bleaching, Threats and Impacts to Coral Reefs, Macroalgal Growth on Coral Reefs, Sea Urchin Fisheries
Trevor Paul Noël, MPH
Assistant Director, WINDREF Research Institute
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Neglected Tropical Diseases, Rheumatic Fever, Rheumatic Heart Disease, Genetic Correlates of Addictive Diseases
Tara Paterson, DVM, MSc
Associate Professor Small Animal Medicine & Surgery department
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Companion animal clinical parasitology (demodicosis, Dirofilaria immitis), Companion animal vector-borne (heartworm disease, ehrlichisis, anaplasmosis) and infectious diseases (Leptospirosis), Companion animal dermatology
Elizabeth A. Peach, BSc,CVT/LVT
Demonstrator Level III Department of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery
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Shelter Medicine, Animal Welfare, One Health One Medicine Initiative, Public Health, Zoonoses, Non-Surgical Forms of Sterilization for the Control of Overpopulation in Canines and Felines, Disaster Preparedness
Rhonda D. Pinckney, M.S., DVM, PhD
Department of Pathobiology
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Zoonotic Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Parasites of Public Health Significance, Parasitic Diseases, Parasitology and Tropical Medicine, Community Outreach Programs
Ramsey Saunders, PhD
Department of BEC (Physics)

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Medical Physics, Biomagnetism: Biomagnetism of the human heart with the aim of the development of new diagnostic modalities., Analysis of the EEG using various mathematical techniques; Chaos (Coarse grain dimensional analysis; Spectral frequency analysis; Wavelets; Tsalis Entropy; Multivariate Analysis)., Nanoplaque formation in the cerebro and vascular systems that lead to Alzheimer’s disease and Arteriosclerosis., Renewable Energy, Solar lighting and heating, Solar disinfection and purification of water using TiO2 nanoparticles, Science for Development, The natural non-metal mineral resources of the Caribbean region, Wastes such as slag and graphite
Ravindra N. Sharma, BVSc & AH, MVSc, PhD
Professor of Pathology and Avian Diseases
Associate Dean Graduate Studies
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Zoonotic Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Pathology of Diseases in various species of animals, Community Outreach Programs
Bhumika Sharma, BSc., MSc.
Veterinary Teaching Associate
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Microbiology, Anaplasmataceae, Obligate Intracellular Pathogens, Molecular Biology
Andrew K. Sobering, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry
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Investigations of natural toxins found in native Caribbean flora, Genetics
Diana M. Stone, MPH, DVM, PhD
Professor, Veterinary Public Health
Department of Pathobiology
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Zoonoses, specifically Zoonotic Viruses of Bats, Epidemiology of Zoonotic Diseases, Seroprevalence studies
Wayne R.B Sylvester, DVM
Assistant Professor/Clinician
Small Animal Medicine and Surgery Program
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Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, Vector-borne Diseases
Randall Waechter, BBA, PhD
Research Grants Coordinator
Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation (WINDREF)
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Mental Health, Behavioural Health, Cognitive Neuroscience, Attention, Working Memory, Reasoning, Decision-making, Anxiety, Trauma, Stress, Resilience, Child Maltreatment, Meditation, Yoga, Intent, Placebo Effect
Arno H. Werners, DVM, PhD, DECVPT
Professor of Pharmacology
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Innate Immunity, (Equine) Clinical Pharmacology
Catherine Werners-Butler, PhD, DVM, MRCVS, Dipl. ECEIM, Dipl. RNVA
Associate Professor
Diplomate European College Equine Internal Medicine
Large Animal Medicine and Surgery Academic Program
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Equine, Tick-borne diseases, Zoonoses, Anaplasma phagocytophilum, Borrelia burgdorferi, Theileria equi, Babesia caballi
Melinda J. Wilkerson, DVM, MS, PhD
Diplomate, ACVP Professor and Chair, Pathobiology School of Veterinary Medicine
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Clinical Pathology, Immunopathology, and Vector borne diseases
Nicki Wise, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Associate Professor, Pathobiology SVM
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Equine Infectious Diseases, Equine Piroplasmosis, Immunology
Hector Zerpa Gonzalez, MV. MSc. PhD.
Associate Professor, Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology Department
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Cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology, Endothelial function, Vascular reactivity
Ulrike Zieger, MSc, DVM, German Doctorate (Veterinary Physiology)
Professor, Veterinary Physiology
Department of Preclinical Studies
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Wildlife Veterinary Medicine, Wildlife Conservation and Management, Wildlife Parasites, Wildlife Diseases and Disease Control, Game Capture, Management of Protected Areas