Phone Options

Whether or not your phone will work in Grenada may be a concern to students. But there are plenty of options to keep you connected with your friends and family back home.

Students usually choose to buy a cell phone once they arrive on the island, as they are inexpensive and readily available. The two local carriers are Digicel and Flow. They both offer great deals on new phones and pre-paid minutes. If you are interested in utilizing either of these carriers for your cell phone needs, you can easily compare deals at the beginning of each semester when the two companies set up a booth on campus. You can also visit Flow or Digicel at the Spiceland Mall. Students tend to prefer Flow, as Flow-to-Flow calls are free.

Mobile Services
Flow offers both post-paid and pre-paid GSM services. The following provides information on the GSM service:

Post-paid Service: The SGU Affinity Mobile GSM post-paid plan is exclusively for students and staff.

The plan includes:

  • 100 bundled on net minutes
  • 100 anywhere minutes
  • Unlimited closed user group and text messages
  • 2 Gbps of data monthly with or without a handset
  • Features such as call waiting, caller ID, and 3-way calling are free with the plan
  • A refundable deposit is required for postpaid service

Pre-paid Service: With prepaid service there is no deposit, no monthly charge, and no monthly bill.

  • “Top Up” cards can be purchased in many denominations on campus and at locations across the Island—just look for the green mobile “Top Up Here” signs
  • Call waiting and caller ID features are free with pre-paid service
  • To check your pre-paid balance, simply dial *3733 and select option 2

Mobile Phones
Flow sells a wide range of GSM mobile phones from top manufacturers, such as Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung. Once you purchase your device, your mobile phone will be instantly activated for post-paid or pre-paid service.

Roaming (outside Grenada)
With roaming you will be able to use your mobile phone to make and receive calls while you are in another country. You can call Flow to confirm whether you will be able to roam in the country to which you are traveling.

  • Roaming is available with both pre-paid and post-paid mobile service
  • All incoming calls are free when roaming in any Flow countries

How to Activate Your Personal Mobile Phone in Grenada
If you plan on bringing your own mobile phone to Grenada, it must be a GSM mobile phone and have a frequency of 850Hz for it to work on Flow’s network.

  • Once you have your mobile phone, you can sign up for GSM service and purchase a SIM Card Start-Up Kit from Flow for EC $25
  • Peak times are 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Friday; off-peak times are 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM Monday through Friday, and all weekend
  • Contact A Student
  • US/Canada Toll-Free:
    1 (800) 899-6337 ext. 1478
  • UK Freephone:
    0800 1699061 ext. 1380
  • Worldwide:
    +1 (631) 665-8500 ext. 1380