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Health Insurance

It is SGU policy that all students maintain adequate health insurance and must confirm existing coverage if they opt to waive out of the SGU sponsored program. All students should view the insurance plan information before making the election to enroll or waive. Students will receive an instructional email with information how to enroll in or waive the plan.

For ALL students studying in Grenada:  The University will enroll each student studying in Grenada in the Medical Evacuation plan.  The annual cost will be added to your student bill. Citizens of Grenada may choose to waive the health insurance coverage while studying in Grenada; however, health insurance is mandatory whenever courses are taken outside the island of Grenada. Students entering the online MBA Program are not eligible for the student health insurance plan and are encouraged to enroll in a travel plan that includes air evacuation during the residency period.

All plan information and instructional information is posted in the University Portal section of the SGU web site under Health Insurance.

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