Passports & Visas

Here is some general information about traveling to and from Grenada. If you have any questions please contact your admission counselor directly.

Please be advised that it is the student’s responsibility to keep abreast of visa regulations that may impact you as you progress through your program and travel to and from Grenada.

When you arrive in Grenada, you must have the following documents in hand to present to the immigration officials:

  • A valid passport (Grenada requires that passports be valid for six months beyond the date of entry.)
  • SGU Letter of Acceptance (dated within 6 months)
  • SGU Letter to the Immigration Authorities or SGU student ID card
  • Students traveling from regions where Yellow Fever is endemic must show proof of vaccination against this disease upon entry to Grenada.
  • Negative PCR test within 72 hrs. of travel.
  • Completed immigration and customs
  • Upon arrival, the existing protocol for the COVID -19 virus must be followed as established by the Ministry of Health.

*Grenada Immigration requires a printed copy of all documents – electronic versions will not be accepted.

SGU students are Visa Exempt and do not require a visa to enter Grenada. You will receive a six (6) month Permit upon arrival which typically authorizes you to remain in Grenada for a six-month period and thereafter can be extended as requested from the Immigration and Passport Office (see instructions below).

Guests, family members, and significant others of students who are citizens of countries that require visas must apply for a Visa prior to arrival. The application should be made three (3) months prior to arrival with the Grenadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Immigration and Passport Office (see instructions below).

Once you arrive in Grenada your visa will be fully processed and issued.

Please see the list of visa-exempt countries in the tab below.

Citizens of the US, Canada, CARICOM, United Kingdom, some Commonwealth, some European Union, and those countries with which Grenada has visa waiver agreements are considered Visa Exempt and do not require a visa to enter Grenada.

For instructions on how to apply for a Visa prior to Arrival, see the tab below.

Please be aware that Grenada can change their visa policies at any time out of necessity, security requirements, violations, etc. It is the student’s responsibility to keep abreast of visa regulations that may impact you as you progress through your program and travel to and from Grenada.

Grenada Visa Exempt Countries (June 2019) *
*For the most up-to-date listing of countries that are visa-exempt or to locate a Grenada consular office, visit,

To apply for a Visa prior to arrival send the required documents in advance of your arrival via email or fax to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Grenada, or directly to the Grenada Passport and Immigration Office.

Copy the International Students Office ( on your email to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visa application form

The required documents for a Visa Upon Arrival in Grenada are:

  • Full Name (as it appears on passport)
  • Passport Number
  • A scanned copy of the biometrics page of the passport
  • Purpose of Visit
  • Length of Stay
  • A scanned copy of US or UK visa (if issued) 

Please note that you may not hear back from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in advance of your arrival, therefore, you should be prepared to present all required documents upon arrival in Grenada to the immigration authorities:

Visa Fees

Contact Details

The contact details for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Immigration and Passport Office are as follows:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministerial Complex
Botanical Gardens
Tanteen St George’s, Grenada
Tel: (473) 440-2640/2712
Fax: (473) 440-4184

Passport & Immigration Office

Ministerial Complex
Botanical Gardens
St George’s, Grenada
Tel: (473) 440-2456/4765
Fax: (473) 440-4165

To locate a Grenada consular office, please visit:

Grenada Embassies& Consulates  

Additional Visa Information for Family Members Who Are Non-SGU Students

  • Family members (spouse and children) traveling with students will receive a three (3) month definite entry.
  • Family members (spouse and children) not traveling with the student will be processed as a visitor to Grenada upon arrival.
  • Other family members (parents, siblings, etc.) will be treated as visitors to Grenada. Extensions may be granted upon application made.
  • Extensions for all family members carry a nominal fee.

Visa Regulations for SGU Programs at Northumbria University

Student Visa Policy

You will need to provide proof that you are enrolled in classes at Northumbria University to obtain a student visa (formerly Tier 4 General Visa). SGU will provide you with a letter containing a reference number called a CAS (confirmation of acceptance for studies). In order for us to request your CAS, you must complete the following:

1) Fill out the Northumbria Offer of Acceptance Form and submit to your SGU admissions team member.

2) US CITIZENS/PERMANENT RESIDENTS ONLY: Fill out the KBT Global Scholar Understanding of Federal Aid Ineligibility and submit to your SGU admissions team member.

3) Pay your first and second deposit, or total of 5,000 USD to the SGU Office of Admission (both amount and payment details outlined in the “Deposit and Payment Schedule” portion of your acceptance letter).

4) Submit an official degree bearing transcript to SGU’s NY admissions office.

5) Provide a copy of the first page of your passport to your SGU admissions team member. Note your passport must be valid for 18 months from the start of class.

Once you receive your CAS

1) You will need to provide proof that you can fund your education while in the UK. Your CAS letter will provide you with the cost of attendance and estimated room and board. You will need to provide documentation of loans or bank statements to prove you can fund yourself while studying in the UK.

2) After securing funding, the visa application is online. Complete the application and submit the application fee online. Print out copies of both your application and fee receipt. These documents will be needed during your visa appointment.

3) When submitting your online visa application, you will be asked to set up an in-person appointment at a visa application center. Fingerprints and a photograph are taken at this appointment. You must bring the following documentation with you:

  • Copies of your visa application/fee receipt
  • Current passport and/or other valid travel documentation
  • One passport size color photograph with your name written on the reverse side
  • Official degree-bearing transcript in sealed envelope
  • Proof that you can support yourself while you are in the UK
  • Tuberculosis test results (if you’re a citizen from a country where the test is required)

The earliest you can apply for a CAS would be three months prior to your arrival in the UK.

Other things to note

1) You will need a page in your passport that is blank on both sides in order to place the visa.

2) There is a chance you will need to provide additional documentation.

3) In the past, SGU students have experienced a delay in visa processing due to the UK consulate becoming saturated with applications. To alleviate any delay, it is imperative that you apply for your visa as early as possible. If you apply on time, your documents are typically sent back to you within 14 days.

4) If applying for the visa late in the process is unavoidable, it is the suggestion from the SGU Office of Admission to pay the expedition fee for the 1-day or 5-day return service.

5) You must collect your biometric residence permit within 10 days of your expected arrival date in the UK.

6) Visas may be obtained faster and/or expedited depending on what country you are in. Check with your visa application center. Additional fees may apply.

IELTS UKVI Examination

1) If you have not received your degree from a US, UK, or Canadian University, you are required to take the IELTS UKVI examination. This is not a requirement of St. George’s University, but rather a regulation of the UK in order to be awarded a student visa. You are required to score a 7.0 or better, with no component below a 6.5.

2) If you are not a national of a majority English speaking country (as defined by the UKVI), but have completed your degree in a majority English speaking country, you are still required to submit additional documentation to demonstrate your English language proficiency in order to meet the requirements for a student visa. You can choose to:

  • Sit the IELTS UKVI examination
  • Obtain a Statement of Comparability from UK NARIC which attests that the degree was taught in English. It is the applicant’s responsibility to request and purchase the Statement of Comparability directly from the UK NARIC. This must be obtained prior to the CAS request being sent to Northumbria University. The applicant must retain the original document to submit along with their visa application. A copy of the Statement of Comparability must be sent along with the applicant’s other documents when the CAS is submitted.

Students who would like to extend their stay beyond six (6) months, can do so at the main immigration office in St. George (Botanical Gardens).

Documents required for students: 

  • Letter of good standing from the Registrar’s Office ( is required for SGU students.
  • Completed application for Permit Extension for Stay form.

The extension fee is waived for students.

Documents required for guests and family members of SGU students: 

  • Letter of good standing from sponsoring a student
  • Letter of support from the Office of the Dean of Students (
  • Completed application for Permit Extension for Stay form.
  • A fee of $75 EC per person for each additional 30-day period is charged.

If needed, the office of the Dean of students will coordinate transportation to the Botanical Gardens. Please email,

Depending upon your citizenship and itinerary, you may need to obtain a visa for the countries you will transit through when en route to Grenada.  Please look into this early on so you have all the necessary documentation in place for traveling.  If you require a transit visa you will need to request a letter from the University and possibly the Grenada Immigration Authority in support of your transit visa application. SGU will provide supporting documentation upon receipt of your deposit payment. Please allow enough time to secure the transit visa when you are making your payment and travel arrangements.

For a complete listing of countries that are visa-exempt or to locate a Grenada consular office, visit,

For more information on what documentation, you will need to obtain a visa, visit the IATA system, the TimaticWeb, and the Travel Information Manual (TIM).

You may also contact,, InternationalStudents@SGU.EDU, or

  • Contact A Student
  • US/Canada Toll-Free:
    1 (800) 899-6337 ext. 1478
  • UK Freephone:
    0800 1699061 ext. 1380
  • Worldwide:
    +1 (631) 665-8500 ext. 1380