St. George’s University Announces New Partnership with Simmons University

St. George’s University has launched a new admissions partnership with Simmons University that will grant qualified Simmons students expedited entry into the St. George’s University Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

“St. George’s is thrilled to partner with Simmons to expand access to medical and veterinary education,” said Dr. Marios Loukas, dean of St. George’s University School of Medicine. “Simmons University has been educating top-notch graduates for nearly 125 years. We’re delighted to welcome a new generation of Simmons alumni to St. George’s in the years to come.”

The partnership creates “4+4” programs that provide qualified Simmons students who have completed four years of pre-medical or pre-veterinary coursework admission to a four-year program at the St. George’s School of Medicine or School of Veterinary Medicine.

Admission to St. George’s School of Medicine or School of Veterinary Medicine requires candidates to maintain a strong undergraduate GPA and score competitively on relevant entrance exams. Applicants for the School of Veterinary Medicine’s 4+4 program are also encouraged to have a minimum of 500 hours of animal experience alongside a veterinarian or animal care professional.

Students enrolled in the School of Medicine may complete their first two years of study in Grenada or spend their first year at Northumbria University in the United Kingdom and their second year in Grenada. Medical students complete their final two years in clinical rotations at affiliated hospitals in the United States and the United Kingdom.

School of Medicine students who participate in the 4+4 program receive a $10,000 scholarship from St. George’s distributed over their four years of study and are eligible for additional scholarships and grants.

Veterinary students enrolled in the 4+4 program complete three years of study in Grenada and their final clinical year at affiliated schools in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

“Our new partnership with St. George’s advances the mission of Simmons University by providing our students the unique opportunity to pursue advanced studies in medicine or veterinary science with a global lens,” said Simmons University Provost Russell Pinizzotto. “We are proud to team up with St. George’s to educate the next generation of doctors and veterinarians.”


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