What Type of Doctor Should I Be? Finding the Best Specialty for Your Personality [Infographic]


Pursuing a career in medicine has always been your grand plan. You played with toy stethoscopes as a child, volunteered at local health care facilities during high school, and focused on pre-med requirements while attending college. Now that you’re thinking about applying to medical schools, you’re starting to ask yourself, “What type of doctor should I be?”

The good news is there is a multitude of medical specialties out there. But the variety can make it difficult to decide which direction is best for you. Your unique interests and personality traits should all be taken into consideration when weighing your options. In order to make your research a little easier, we put together this infographic highlighting how different personality traits lend themselves toward particular specialties.

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"What medical specialty should I choose?"

You now have a little more information that can help answer this question. Once you have a better understanding of what type of doctor you should be, you might feel ready to start evaluating each medical school a little more critically. Learn more about how to compare programs by reading our article, “How to Choose a Medical School: 9 Things to Evaluate Before Accepting.”

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