Why One Aspiring Doctor Thinks Starting Medical School in January Made All the Difference


Even if you’ve wanted to become a doctor your whole life, you probably aren’t terribly excited about embarking on the medical school admissions process. It’s filled with uncertainty and stress. If you don’t gain acceptance to a program, you usually have to wait a full year before you have another chance to begin classes. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

If you’re considering the School of Medicine at St. George’ s University (SGU), you might be surprised to know you can start the MD program in January—there’s no need to wait until fall. And SGU students who begin class in January have another advantage, thanks to a special initiative called Why Wait.

It provides an opportunity for students attending the Grenada campus to receive a refund for tuition and fees if they gain acceptance to and enroll in a Canadian or US medical school the following fall. Why Wait is SGU’s way of providing peace of mind for students who are weighing their medical school options.

But don’t take our word for it. Micheline Beaulieu can offer real-life perspective. She’s delighted she had the chance to take advantage of Why Wait and begin medical school in January 2017. With the help of this initiative, she confidently chose to continue her education at SGU.

Pursuing a true calling

Beaulieu began her postsecondary education in Canada, her home country. “I obtained my undergraduate degree at McGill University,” she says. She started out studying animal health and diseases with the intention of becoming a research veterinarian.

Though she continued down the veterinary medicine path after college, Beaulieu’s attitude eventually began shifting. An externship in Paris proved to be a pivotal moment. Some of the professionals Beaulieu encountered during the experience helped her realize what she truly wanted to do with her career.

“I want to be involved in research studies where the ultimate goal is to help people.”

“I met a number of physicians who inspired me to become a physician,” Beaulieu explains. “I want to be involved in research studies where the ultimate goal is to help people.”

Gaining peace of mind

Like every student who decides to pursue medical school, Beaulieu faced some tough decisions. Should she apply to a Canadian school and hope to get accepted for a standard fall start? Would that risk pay off?

There are certainly students who regretted waiting when they were ultimately rejected from medical schools—sometimes more than once. As for Beaulieu, SGU offered a path that wasn’t so riddled with anxiety.

“I did apply to a Canadian medical school, and the Why Wait initiative gave me a financial safety net in case I was accepted into that Canadian medical school,” she explains.

Furthermore, Beaulieu says it’s incredibly easy to take advantage of the initiative. There’s a minimal amount of additional effort involved. Students need only accept the terms and conditions, then sign the accompanying form.

Finding the right fit

While Beaulieu appreciates the opportunity Why Wait afforded her, she decided against heading back to Canada for medical school. She realized St. George’s University was where she wanted to obtain her MD.

“SGU has helped me realize my dream to help people,” Beaulieu enthuses, “and I am very grateful for that.”

"SGU has helped me realize my dream to help people."

Beaulieu isn’t the only one who feels positively about the education SGU provides. Numerous alumni found their medical school fit at SGU, often saying they felt supported by a community of likeminded students working toward the same goal. You could find yourself among future colleagues as early as January.

Why wait? You could start medical school sooner

The path to medical school is undoubtedly tough. It takes a huge amount of determination, time, and effort just to go through the application process. If you’ve been through it before, thinking about repeating those steps is likely a bit discouraging. With the Why Wait initiative, you don’t have to roll the dice on gaining acceptance to a US or Canadian program.

Eager to start medical school? You might want to seriously consider how SGU’s January class could fit into your plans. If you feel like you’re ready to get started, visit our application page today.

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