2 New Canadian Sites Join St. George’s University Clinical Elective Network

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St. George’s University School of Medicine has added two new clinical elective sites in Canada, offering aspiring physicians’ more ways to gain hands-on experience in the country.

The addition of the two clinical sites—Park Street Clinic and Heart Care Canada, both located in Ontario—brings the school’s total elective options for students to nine in Canada. Students can choose elective rotations at sites including North Bay Dermatology Centre, Ottawa Cardiovascular Centre and Booth Neurology Clinic, as well as Pembroke Regional Hospital in Ontario, among others. By engaging in elective rotations in Canada, fourth-year students interested in practicing there are introduced to the country’s healthcare system.

Since 2020, more than 200 SGU students have participated in elective rotations in Canada. * All told, more than 75 hospitals and clinics in the US, UK, and Canada are available for students to obtain clinical training.

Valuable Learning Experience

“SGU is committed to preparing our students with the foundation of knowledge and clinical skills to succeed in their medical careers,” said Dr. Richard Liebowitz, vice chancellor at St. George’s University. “We are excited to offer students more opportunities to train in Canada. This speaks to the emphasis the University places on offering valuable learning experiences to students who eventually wish to return to Canada to practice medicine.”

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Engaging in electives in Canada also provides students with networking opportunities and the potential to obtain a letter of reference, “which is critical for those seeking postgraduate medical training opportunities back home,” said Jibran Vahidy, director of admissions and partnerships at St. George’s University.

Students may choose from elective specialties that include pediatrics, ophthalmology, OB/GYN, dermatology, cardiology, neurology, and more.

“Our newest elective partners offer exceptional clerkship opportunities in ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) and cardiology in key locations across Ontario, where a large percentage of our Canadian students hail from,” Mr. Vahidy said.

“We are excited to welcome students to Heart Care, a modern high-volume cardiology and internal medicine practice,” said Dr. Rishi Bhargava, internist and cardiologist at Heart Care Canada, and an SGU alumnus. “I hope to give back to SGU and its trainees in hopes of providing them with a unique opportunity to train close to home.”

More than 2,200 graduates of SGU’s School of Medicine are from Canada. ** SGU has placed 196 Canadian graduates into Canadian residencies. ***

The electives are currently available for fourth-year students.

Park Street Clinic in Ontario, Canada

Park Street Clinic is one of two new elective sites in Canada where fourth-year SOM students can choose to do elective rotations.


*Data as of November 2023.

**Based on the number of students who have completed the Doctor of Medicine program from 1981-2023.

***Data as of July 2022.



– Laurie Chartorynsky



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