Student Financial Services

School of Medicine

Tuition and Fees August 2014 - January 2015

*all figures are in US dollars
Per Term $11,371  
Per Credit   $759  
**Basic Sciences/Grenada* **Clinical Years
Term 1 $25,697 Term 1 $26,297
Term 2 $25,697 Term 2 $26,297
Term 3* $9,455 Term 3 $26,297
Term 4* $25,697 Term 4 $26,297
Term 5 $28,381 Term 5 $26,297
    **Malpractice Insurance, Terms 1-5
    Per Term, Each Term $357†
† Rate may change in January 2015
**Additional Fees
    Oral Examination Fee $1,251
    Graduation Fee $634
* Term 3 and Term 4 are typically billed as a combined term.   Books (Approximately) $920
(per term)
**Graduate Studies Program
Per Credit (MPH 42 Credit) $868
Per Credit (MPH 48 Credits/MSc/PhD) $759

† Rate may change in January 2015

*Individual Advancement Program (IAP)
Students who change mid-semester from a full to an IAP, at the direction of the Dean of Students will not be recharged when the courses are taken the following term but will be charged full Administrative/Student Fees.

Basic Sciences students who repeat courses at the direction of the Promotions and/or Appeals Committee will not be charged tuition for the repeated courses; however, in all these cases, full administrative/student fees will be charged.

**fees are subject to change

***Of total cost to attend St. George’s University School of Medicine, 18% represents administrative/student fees.

University Refund Policy

Students who withdraw or take a Leave of Absence, fail to return from an approved Leave of Absence, are dismissed, or otherwise fail to complete the term for which they were charged will receive a refund of University charges based on a pro rata calculation. If students withdraw during the first 60% of a term, University charges are prorated based on the percentage of the term that has elapsed. If a withdrawal takes place after the 60% point, full University charges remain due. The refund is determined by students’ effective dates of separation.


In accordance with US Federal Title IV Regulations, the same pro rata schedule is used to determine the amount of Title IV funds students have earned at the time of withdrawal.

Refunds made on behalf of financial aid recipients are distributed in the following order:

  • Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan
  • Federal Grad PLUS
  • Private or institutional sources of aid
  • The student

Students who take a Leave of Absence during a term may appeal for an exception to the refund policy by writing a letter to the Office of Financial Aid requesting consideration for a William M. McCord scholarship. A McCord scholarship is a partial tuition scholarship awarded to students who take a Leave of Absence from a term due to compelling personal reasons, and when they return to resume their studies suffer undue financial hardships which affect their ability to pay for their education. These awards are grants-in-aid and do not have to be repaid. The scholarship is used to help defray all or part of the penalty paid as a result of the withdrawal. The scholarship committee will review the details of the student’s unusual and compelling reasons noted in their appeal and may require further documentation before determining eligibility for the scholarship.

For refund policy specifically related to housing cancellation, please see the Housing Cancellation Policy here.