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What to Expect from a Pre-Health Advisor Visit at SGU

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Deciding where to pursue post-graduate study can be an impactful decision for students across all areas of study. But when it comes to students choosing a medical school or veterinary school, early decisions like this can weigh heavily on the long-term trajectory of their careers. It’s helpful for pre-health students to have a solid understanding of all of their options before planning their next steps.

As a pre-health advisor or counselor, you can be more effective in guiding your students through this process if you’ve experienced what Caribbean medical and veterinary schools like the one at St. George’s University (SGU) have to offer firsthand. That’s why SGU offers several opportunities for medical and veterinary school advisor visits. Join us as we outline what you can expect from a SeeSGU advisor visit.

Explore St. George’s University with a SeeSGU advisor visit

Pre-health advisors in the US have the opportunity to experience life on the SGU campus with our SeeSGU advisor visits. Students will likely have a host of questions or concerns about studying on the island of Grenada, and SGU welcomes advisors to gain some firsthand knowledge with a visit to the Caribbean.

When attending a SeeSGU advisor visit, you’ll be able to see the campus facilities, interact with faculty and students, and explore the many key features that support successful education at SGU. Time spent on campus will include panel discussions covering topics like academic offerings, student support, and campus life.

Campus tours allow advisors to view modern simulation labs, anatomy labs, and student amenities such as housing, the campus fitness center, the Public Safety Command Center, and more. Tours of the island are also provided to allow advisors to experience the beauty and culture of Grenada. Beyond participating in high-quality medical and veterinary training, SGU students will have ample opportunities to explore everything the Caribbean has to offer.

St. George’s University is excited to offer US pre-health advisors the chance to experience SGU for themselves. As such, eligible advisors will have the costs of airfare, hotel accommodations, meals, and ground transportation covered by the school.

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One of the most important decisions your students will ever make deserves a closer look. That’s why we’re inviting you to visit the island and gather all the details needed to effectively guide pre-health students through their next steps.

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September 29, 2022