Adam Schneider

Adam Schneider, DVM

Assistant Professor

Dr. Adam Schneider is an Assistant Professor in the School of Veterinary Medicine’s Small Animal Clinic. His background is in molecular biology and wildlife pathology, and his areas of interest include diagnosing and treating intervertebral disk disease and traumatic brain injury in addition to seizure management. Dr. Schneider has advanced training in neurology and neurosurgery and has helped develop a minimally invasive brain biopsy technique currently being used for diagnosing and treating certain intracranial diseases.

Prior to his tenure at St. George’s University, Dr. Schneider worked with the California Department of Fish and Game and UC Davis for the protection and conservation of Southern Sea Otters, an experience he credits for sparking his interest in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Schneider received his DVM from Washington State University, where he also completed a rotating medical and surgical internship. He also holds a BS from University of California, Santa Cruz.