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1,000 Residency Slots Approved by Congress: What it Means for Medical Students

Congress recently passed a measure to fund 1,000 postgraduate residency positions over five years as part of the Medicare-supported program—the first increase in nearly 25 years according to the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC). St. George’s University President Dr. G. Richard Olds explained to SGU News what the increase means for our medical students. […]

SGU President and Graduate Discuss Caribbean Medical Schools on Forbes.com

In the article “5 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Caribbean Medical School” on Forbes.com, St. George’s University President Dr. G. Richard Olds and alumna Gaelle Antoine, MD ’19, were shared why SGU offers an excellent “alternative pathway for US students to study medicine.” The article, written by college counselor Kristen Moon, explains that schools […]

SAS grad: Don’t miss out on “the entire experience” at SGU

From his time as a student at St. George’s University, Dominic Gaspard values the people he met and the adventures he went on as much as foundation it provided for his career “If you come to SGU with the mindset of obtaining a degree as fast as possible, you would have missed the entire experience,” […]

4 Generations of Nurses: The Solomon Legacy Continues at SGU

On Jennifer Solomon’s bookshelf sits “The Complete System of Nursing”, a book passed down from through the generations of nurses in her family. The book’s inside front cover includes handwritten notes from her now deceased mother and grandmother, pearls of wisdom and inspiration that she holds dear. Dr. Solomon, the chair of nursing and allied […]

A First of its Kind: SGU Launches Center for Integrative Medicine

  Amid a global pandemic, St. George’s University’s School of Medicine recently launched the Center for Integrative Medicine—the first of its kind for the University and the island of Grenada. The virtual center aims to broaden patient-care training for SOM clinical students by teaching them non-traditional methods of care. Officially launched on September 14, clinical […]

World Health Organization redesignates collaborating center at SGU

As public health has become even more of a focus with the emergence of COVID-19 worldwide, St. George’s University continues to be a beacon for education, research, and service collaboration in the Caribbean. The World Health Organization (WHO), together with its regional representative, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), recently re-designated SGU’s Department of Public […]

Novel NIH-funded master’s degree program offers deep dive into bioethics research

As the world eagerly awaits the results of groundbreaking research and clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of bioethics—particularly research ethics—has been brought into focus. A new collaboration between St. George’s University, Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro (UAQ) in Mexico, and Clarkson University in New York, funded by the NIH Fogarty International Center, allows […]

The Surprising Impact of COVID on Small Animal Veterinarians

It’s not just human healthcare that has been dramatically impacted as a result of the COVID pandemic—animal medicine had its own challenges and some surprising opportunities for small animal veterinarians. Dr. Heather Douglas, DVM ’06, owns and operates Douglas Animal Hospital in Osseo, MN. Douglas Animal Hospital treats a wide variety of animals from cats […]