Med/Vet Summer Leadership Academy

Explore Your Passion For Becoming A Doctor Or Veterinarian.

med vet leadership academy

College Veterinary Medicine Program

“At the time of applying for the Summer Academy, my career was still in engineering, but my heart was in my work at the animal clinic. The academy helped me to confirm my desire to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. There is no other program like it.”

College Medicine Program

“The Summer Academy was truly the first experience that I had of what medical school and becoming a physician is really like. For me, being exposed to these opportunities really was a perfect way to confirm what I wanted to do with my future and is a huge reason I became a doctor.”

College Medicine Program

“Going through the Summer Academy prepared me mentally for the volume of work that comes along with obtaining a medical degree. Unlike some of my med school classmates, I wasn’t in as much shock after our first day of classes because I was already briefed on some of the material during the Summer Academy. The approach to the work and the attitude had been instilled during the academy. If you ever thought of being a doctor or veterinarian, this is your chance to have an insight into what it would be like.”

Med/Vet Summer Academy Application