Roslyn A. Douglas MA., DTM


Roslyn A. Douglas, MA, DTM, is attached to the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences within the School of Arts & Sciences at St. George’s University (SGU). As a tertiary-level educator and academic advisor, Ms. Douglas stands on four tenants: inclusivity, mastery, peer collaboration, and professionalism. Additionally, she has a passion for preparing young adults to enter and remain in the workforce, with a strong emphasis on formal education coupled with internships.

Ms. Douglas received her Master’s Degree in Communication & Culture from Howard University. Before returning to Grenada, Ms. Douglas served as Diabetes Program Coordinator at the National Medical Association for seven years. Upon her return, in addition to being an educator, Ms. Douglas founded Central Health – Grenada, an initiative to educate nationals about chronic non-communicable diseases. Over the years, she has coordinated seven health clinics, most emphasizing diabetes. In addition, on her Youtube channel and in local newspapers, she has provided easy-to-understand explanations on said topics after health experts reviewed them.

Currently, Ms. Douglas is a doctoral student at the American College of Education seeking to specialize in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis on online education.

In summation, besides being an educator, Ms. Douglas is a Distinguished Toastmaster, a community activist, and an E-missionary.