Dr. Sharmila Upadhya

Sharmila Upadhya

Dr. Sharmila Upadhya
Professor, Biochemistry and Genetics
Email: shupadhya@sgu.edu
Website: https://www.sgu.edu
Phone: (473) 439-2000 ext. 3250

Dr. Sharmila Upadhya is a full professor and Chair at St. George’s University, Grenada, within the Department of Biochemistry and Genetics. She is the Co-content manager for Biochemistry and Nutrition for year-1 School of Medicine. She has been involved in reorienting learning objectives to align content relevant and applicable to medical education. She has also been actively involved in the development of the integrated curriculum for Year 1 School of Medicine.

She has extensive experience in teaching Biochemistry for School of Medicine, School of Arts and Science and Premedical courses. She likes to explore the newer teaching and learning techniques like flipped classroom, interactive case based learning and use of audience response systems for active learning.