Hugh Montgomery, August 2015

Hugh Montgomery, MB, BS, BSc, FRCP, MD

Director, Institute for Human Health and Performance, University College of London

School Of Medicine Keynote Speaker – August 15, 2015

Dr. Hugh Montgomery is Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at University College London, where he also directs the Institute for Human Health and Performance. He obtained his MD research degree in 1997, and is accredited in general internal medicine, cardiology, and intensive care medicine. He obtained a commercial diving license, and a degree in cardiorespiratory physiology before graduating from the Middlesex Hospital Medical School in 1987. He has published over 300 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Dr. Montgomery’s interests center on the use of genetic tools to explore human physiology, and exposure of healthy individuals to extreme conditions as a means to understand disease. He discovered the first ‘gene for human fitness’ and was science lead for the 2007 Caudwell Xtreme Everest Medical Research Expedition.

Dr. Montgomery is active in issues relating to the earth’s environment and, in particular, matters relating to climate change. He has also worked in public engagement in science, founding ‘Project Genie’ (a climate change initiative for schools), fronting several TV documentaries and delivering the five Royal Institution Christmas Lectures in 2007. He has a parallel career as a children’s author.