Office of Financial Aid

School of Veterinary Medicine


St. George’s University seeks intelligent, dedicated, passionate students who will succeed in their professional objectives and become successful practitioners adding value to their communities and to global health as a whole.

To that end, the scholarship program at SGU, offers partial scholarships to students in need

Scholarship Programs for Non-US Students

International Peace Scholarship

Partial scholarship awards to non-US citizen/permanent residents who exhibit academic excellence and demonstrate financial need, the International Peace Scholarship program is committed to promoting a student body made up of diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds, which in the future will contribute to a worldwide medical community. Partial tuition scholarship awards are granted to international students who exhibit academic excellence, demonstrate financial need, and who will return to their home countries as physicians dedicated to the enhancement of the countries’ medical care systems. These awards are grants-in-aid and do not have to be repaid.

International Scholarship Application

Submit the application, above, along with the Confidential Financial Statement section of the admission application.

Grenada Scholarships

Two scholarships are awarded annually to Grenadian citizens. Applicants must have been accepted into the University by the Committee on Admission, nominated by the Scholarship Selection Panel, and awarded by the Grenadian Government. The scholarships provide full tuition and administrative fees. This scholarship is only awarded in January.

Applications are made to the Grenada Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development.  Contact your regional admissions counselor or Colin Dowe at or 473-444-4680.

Scholarship Programs for Entering US Citizens or Permanent Residents

The Office of Financial Aid, in accordance with guidelines set by the school’s Financial Aid Committee, makes the selection of award recipients. Award determinations are based upon academic excellence, the degree of the family’s financial need and the availability of funds from SGU, as well as each scholarship program’s specified criteria. A student’s ability to finance his/her education beyond the extent of the financial aid award is also an important selection criterion. Applicants should be aware that the funding is limited, and the quality of the applicants is very competitive. Unfortunately, awards cannot be made to every deserving student.
Applications will be reviewed and award determinations made in a timely manner.  


Geoffrey H. Bourne Scholarships

Awarded to entering US citizen/Permanent Resident students who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need.  Partial scholarships are awarded to entering students who possess the personal qualities of motivation and integrity, as well as a background that demonstrates academic excellence.

Stephen R. Kopycinski Memorial Scholarships

Partial tuition scholarships are awarded to student with financial need under the auspices of the Polonians, a national organization that promotes Polish heritage and culture. The awards are made in memory of Stephen R. Kopycinski, a former administrator at St. George's University. Preference is given to students of Polish descent; however, students of all heritages have received these awards. This award is a grant and does not have to be repaid.

All students applying for need-based scholarship programs must fill out a FAFSA and include financial information, including students who are not borrowing federal loans. 

Interested students must complete the application form below.

US Student need-Based Scholarship Application

July 1 for August class
December 1 for January class
Students accepted to the University after the scholarship application deadline will have a deadline of the first day of registration. No application will be accepted later than the first day of classes

Scholarship Opportunities for Upperclassmen Students

Morris Alpert Scholarships
This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Morris Alpert, MD, the first Dean of Kingstown Medical College. Each year several partial tuition scholarships will be awarded to upperclassmen who have achieved academic excellence. Recipients of these awards must also demonstrate financial need and meet the high moral and ethical standards set by Dr. Alpert for his students during his tenure on the faculty of St. George’s University.

A prospective Upperclassman award candidate must have completed Terms 1 and 2 of their academic program.   Determinations are made twice yearly in the fall and spring.  Students are welcome to re-apply each academic year.

Morris Alpert Scholarship Application


June 15th:  Applicants will have the opportunity to be awarded for full academic year.
November 15th: Applicants will have the opportunity to be awarded for their remaining term(s) of the academic year.

William M. McCord Scholarships
This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of William M. McCord, MD, a leader in the field of medical education in the United States who had a major impact on the development of St. George’s University School of Medicine’s clinical program. These partial tuition scholarships are awarded to students who withdraw from a term due to compelling personal reasons, and when they return to resume their studies suffer undue financial hardships which affect their ability to pay for their education. These awards are grants-in-aid and do not have to be repaid.

Send an email to detailing your circumstances surrounding your leave of absence.  Contact Cynthia Lessing at extension 1364 with any questions about this scholarship.