BIOL 303 Biomedical Anatomy

Biomedical Anatomy/BIOL 303 is an introductory veterinary anatomy course for Pre-veterinary and Foundation students. It is designed to facilitate the acquisition of basic anatomical knowledge of the dog (canine), and also to acquire knowledge of some anatomical differences (comparative anatomy) among certain domestic species; ovine (sheep), caprine (goat), equine (horse), porcine (pig) and feline (cat) including the chicken and fish. Lectures and laboratory sessions have been adopted to accomplish the objectives of the course. Thus the course involves lecture hall discussions (didactic lectures) and Laboratory sessions that will be achieved through demonstrations of protected or plastinated specimens and also if necessary, supplemental teaching through the application of the anatomy table.

Comprehensive mammalian gross anatomy course, using the dog as the model species; laboratory dissection; veterinary nomenclature with human correlates and the application of the anatomy to clinical situations.  Prerequisites BIOL 1 and 2.