BUSI 414 Operations Management

This course will examine characteristics, problems, techniques, and methods of project management and a consideration of managerial decision making in organizations using Program Evaluation and Review Techniques (PERT), Critical Path Method (CPM). It will focus on strategic and tactical issues associated with operations designed to produce and distribute goods and services, including quality management and statistical quality control; production planning and scheduling; workforce management; project management; capacity planning; queuing and just-in-time; PERT, facilities location, and layout; and procurement, inventory, and logistics management. It examines the concepts for designing, planning, and improving manufacturing and service organizations. Topics include enterprise resource planning, facility layout, forecasting, queuing models, inventory management, lean manufacturing, total quality control, and project management. Extensive use of spreadsheet modeling is utilized. The course is a combination of marketing, finance, economics, management, and information technology. Prerequisites include Business Statistics (Methods) and Accounting.