Family Medicine and General Practice Rotation

Everett Schlam, MD, Chair

The goals of the family medicine and general practice rotation are to ensure that all medical students have a full understanding and appreciation of an integrative approach to the care of patients, families, and communities. Students will be introduced to the aspects of family medicine that are applicable to all fields of medical practice, including comprehensive and continuous care provided by family physicians to patients of all ages. The importance of family systems and the impact of chronic illness on patients and their families will be incorporated into patient care.

Students will accompany precept physicians performing patient care in the office setting, nursing home, and house calls. Participation in community services involving health care will be encouraged. By the end of the rotation, students will be expected to perform and present a focused patient history and physical examination to diagnose and manage patients. Students will be able to provide effective patient education and utilize evidence-based decision making in clinical practice. Students will use the Fifth Edition of Sloan’s Essentials of Family Medicine as a text for the rotation.