PSYC 805 Professional, Ethical, and Legal Aspects of Psychology

This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of professional ethics in applied psychology. Students will examine the history and theories of ethics in psychology, with special attention to human decision-making processes in context of ethical intervention, assessment, supervision, and psychological research. Professional ethics provide critical guidance to the provision of all services in psychology. The course will provide in-depth review of the relevant knowledge, awareness and skills necessary to practice safely and responsibly in all areas of psychology, especially community and clinical psychology. Students will engage in dialog throughout the course and work in peer consultation to identify and resolve ethical dilemmas and adopt sound ethical and professional attitudes and practices. Students are expected to examine and articulate their personal values, biases, and assumptions in relation to providing psychological services. Sensitivity to culture, ethnicity, sex/gender, and people with disabilities is imperative in learning how to apply ethical standards in a positive and competent manner to all populations.