PSYC 810 Theories and Techniques of Family and Group Behavior Change

This course covers assessment, diagnosis, and intervention strategies for families and groups. It examines groups and the family relationship system, and focuses on communication, structural, emotional and behavioral patterns, the assessment of normal and dysfunctional patterns, and the development and facilitation of various types of groups. A very important aspect of the course will teach the dynamics of the institution of marriage, family and group counseling. Introductions will be given to the process of counseling from the perspective of several theoretical approaches to treatment, emphasizing the counselor’s role in helping families and groups achieve health. Working with families and groups in enriching and therapeutic ways will be taught; special emphasis will be placed on diversity issues (including the Caribbean family), gender and cultural issues in family and group counseling. They will also learn about the history of family and group therapy, multicultural aspects of family and group therapy, ways of working with various types of families and groups, ethical and legal issues involved in family and group therapies, and ways of assessing families and groups.