PUBH 851 Foundations in Health Policy Analysis

Foundations in Health Policy Analysis is the introductory course to health policy concepts and analysis, with special emphasis on the political framework and the problem- centered model. This is based on the thinking that good policy analysis is built on economics, resource management strategies, and political processes. Policy analysis can be described as the science and the art of giving advice that affects public policy decisions. This course familiarizes students with the policy process, the role of political actors, and the implications of research and resources within health policy-making.

The larger economic, political, and governmental context on health policy decisions is introduced, as well as an understanding of the effect or impact of policies on target groups, institutions, and society more generally. Specific global health policy issues are chosen for discussion on the basis of their relevance to current public policy debates.

Particular emphases are placed on students’ ability to understand, assess and critique the policy process, and apply concepts within real-world settings and initiatives.