SAMS 527 Junior Surgery and Anesthesiology Laboratory

(2 cr.) (Laboratory) This is a hands-on, faculty supervised, surgery and anesthesia clinical skills course. Students will be divided into teams of four (rotating as primary surgeon, assistant surgeon, scrub nurse and anesthetist) and will be expected to apply knowledge gained from previous courses (SAMS 520/SAMS 514) and concurrent courses (SAMS 518/LAMS 519).

Students will be expected to maintain medical records using the SOAP format. Students will practice communication skills by presenting in pre-surgical and pre-anesthetic rounds. Rounds will include presentation of physical examination and bloodwork findings, diagnostic procedures and treatment plans, as well as discussions related to infectious diseases with/without zoonotic potential.

Anesthetic protocols and the surgical plan for either a spay or a neuter in client-owned surgical candidates will be reviewed. Part of the student team will induce, maintain, and monitor anesthesia, while the rest of the team will perform canine sterilization surgical procedures while applying aseptic technique principles.

Students will maintain medical records for every patient, including the writing of surgery and anesthesia reports, postoperative treatment plans, discharge instructions, and will perform pain management assessments. Once surgical patients are discharged, students will communicate effectively with clients by making follow up phone calls to discuss medications sent home and answer any questions. Additionally, basic orthopedic procedures will be demonstrated by faculty and practiced by students utilizing bone models.

Basic ophthalmology and dentistry clinical skills and diagnostic procedures, including dental radiology, will be performed by the students under faculty guidance.