SAMS 528 Small Animal Clinical Services

(1 cr.) (Clinical Rotation)

This faculty-supervised, hands-on, clinical training course prepares 6th Term students for Year 4 Clinical Studies at affiliated universities, using relevant clinical information from the medicine, surgery, emergency and critical care, and radiology/ultrasound (US) cases that present to the Small Animal Clinic and the Grenada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA).

Students will be directly involved in all aspects of case management including client interaction, medical record-keeping, history taking, physical examination, diagnostic work-up/problem solving, and development plus implementation of a therapeutic plan for outpatient and critical care cases; both in a community practice setting as well as in a shelter medicine environment.

Students will be responsible for pre-surgical and pre-anesthetic workups, postoperative care, and completion of all surgery-related documents (surgical report, anesthesia record, discharge instructions). Students will perform in two or more of these roles: primary surgeon, assistant surgeon, scrub nurse, anesthetist.

Hands on experience will be obtained through assisting in major procedures, and through performing elective procedures (i.e. OVH, OVE, castration). The student’s comfort level participating with the assessment, monitoring, treatment, decision making, case management and care of in-house and emergency critical care patients will be increased.

In addition, students will practice interpretation of clinical radiography/US cases and present their findings. Intensive case management for in-house small animal patients will be expected, along with client communication and daily attendance to case rounds. While achieving the previously mentioned endeavors, students will make evident the understanding of professional ethics and the ability to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues.

At the end of the course, students will present a selected case to classmates and faculty in a formal setting.