SAMS 535 Advanced Topics in Dermatology

(1 cr.) (Didactic 0.4 cr./ Laboratory 0.6 cr.)

This selective course provides students with an opportunity for advanced training in clinical dermatology through the use of didactic lectures, clinical case discussions, and wet labs with an emphasis on the clinical approach to a dermatologic case.

It is designed to enhance the student’s knowledge of Small Animal Dermatology and will build upon the foundations of veterinary dermatology laid in Terms 2, 4 and 5 (SAMS515, LAMS503 & SAMS522).

The course will focus on the diagnosis and management of small animal dermatologic disease and will also provide the student with an opportunity to further enhance their diagnostic capabilities through the use of wet labs and clinical experience.

The course will be delivered through a collaborative effort between SVM faculty and a visiting veterinary dermatologist. Use of peer-reviewed literature will be encouraged to enable students to familiarize themselves with the current literature in veterinary dermatology.