SCSK 521 Thailand Medical Experience

Stephen Weitzman, MD
Michael Weitzman

This selective offers a diverse clinical and cultural experience. Students spend one week in Bangkok (Thailand’s largest city) and one week in Ao Nang in southern Thailand (a rural town on the Andaman Coast). In this way, the selective exposes students to both “modern Western-style” medicine in Bangkok and “ancient Eastern-style” health practices in Ao Nang.

The week in Bangkok is based at Siriraj Hospital, the oldest, largest, and most respected hospital in Thailand. Students observe modern medical practices in the emergency room and on the wards and clinics in surgery, pediatrics, OB/GYN, medicine, and other specialties. An exciting feature of this week is the opportunity to meet and interact with Thai medical students. Students experience the cultural aspects of Bangkok as well. Bangkok has become one of the most exciting cities in the world. While there, students stay at a guesthouse located in a prime location for visiting interesting sites in Bangkok.

Students spend two weeks in southern Thailand in Ao Nang, the program focuses on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) as practiced for centuries in the East. By the end of the week, students learn to give a one-hour Thai Massage and perform the 24 Form Yang Style Tai Chi set, the most popular Tai Chi set in the world. Not only do students acquire these new skills, they deepen their understanding of Integrative Medicine and the role these ancient Eastern practices can play in modern health care. Students have the opportunity to augment their CAM learning with outdoor activities, taking advantage of the physical beauty and tranquility in southern Thailand on the Andamen Sea.

The location in Thailand exposes students to a fascinating country and leads to a greater appreciation of global health.