SCSK 534 India Medical Experience

Bharti Bhusnurmath, MBBS, MD

The students spend 15 days at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University (KIMS), Karad, Maharashtra, India, usually in the last two weeks of July or December. They get hands-on clinical exposure under dedicated clinical professors in medicine, surgery, OB/GYN, pediatrics, ICU, radiology, radiotherapy, clinical anatomy, pathology, alternative systems of medicine, community outreach projects in breast cancer, oral cancer, etc.

They assist in surgeries, childbirth, and management in out-patient departments (OPDs), wards, and casualties.

Students interact with other medical students and residents from India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and United States. They also get exposed to health practices in a rural community teaching hospital. The cultural exposure has been very rewarding to students.