SCSK 538 Current Topics in Neuroscience and Neurology

Departmental Faculty

This course follows a journal club format and will lean toward learning critical reading and appraisal of an article, keeping up to date with current medical literature relevant to neurology and neuroscience, identifying research areas of interest in neuroscience, and improving the background basic knowledge for future interactions in a clinical setting. In the beginning of the course, an introduction is given on how to conduct literature searches. At the end, students will attend a critical summary lecture of the course. The other hours include student-driven presentations or optional presentations given by persons not enrolled in the course (not for credit), as well as preparation of presentations. Each student must give   one presentation as well as serve as an audience member during other students’ presentations and ask at least one question of each article, which they also have read. The course director will choose the level of complexity of the articles, to fit the level of the individual student to reflect his/her level of education.