SGS Student Addresses Safety and Health in Grenada’s Workplace

In an article published by The Grenadian Voice, Nesta Edwards, Master of Public Health student at St. George’s University describes the need to address occupational safety and health concerns in Grenada’s construction industry in honor of World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

In her article, Ms. Edwards suggests proactive measures are necessary to increase the importance of occupational safety and health in developing awareness, and reducing the occurrence of occupational injuries, diseases, and death. She proposes that a good place to start would be to establish health and safety best practices in the workforce and to teach workers about the importance of compliance in relation to the country’s economic growth and sustainable development through education and training.

According to Ms. Edwards, a recent report by the International Labor Organization revealed that an estimated 2.3 million workers around the world succumb to work-related accidents or diseases every year. She acknowledges that although the number of occupational injuries, diseases and death are significantly less for Grenada, a complacent attitude is highly discouraged. She proports that safety and health at work is everyone’s business and that identifying potential hazards in the workplace is a crucial factor in improving workplace safety and health practices, which aids in promoting population health and well-being, and improved productivity which in turn fosters economic growth.




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