SGU White Coat Ceremony 2024: April Start Med Students Take Oath of Professionalism

St. George’s University recently welcomed its April class of medical students at the School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony, held on May 4 at Patrick F. Adams Hall. The future physicians were cheered on by family and friends as they donned their white coats, marking their entry into the medical profession.



After being coated—often by family members or mentors who have become doctors before them—the students then recited the Oath of Professionalism, where they pledged to honor the sacred trust and privilege society places on medical professionals while treating their patients.

Wondering what it’s like to be coated? Hear from four aspiring physicians on what it felt like to experience the momentous event.


“Getting this white coat marks a huge accomplishment for me. There’s been years of steps to get here, and I feel like this is a solidifying moment for me to actually have this coat. I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do right out of high school. But I spent some time getting some experience as a nursing assistant. Since then, I fell in love with medicine and knew I wanted to be a physician.”

– Jonathan Koger
North Carolina


“I’m a first generation medical student and I feel like I really made my parents proud to be here today. Putting on my white coat, I feel like it’s a rite of passage to me becoming an amazing physician one day.”

– Duaa Anwar


“Being coated is definitely symbolic and means a lot to me. It signals that I’m ready to take on this journey. Previously, I had worked as a scribe and there I met several alumni that became my mentors and recommended I apply to SGU. These mentors helped me along my path and showed me what it really meant to put on the white coat. Just seeing those patient-physician encounters and seeing how helpful and how empathetic they were—I hope to be that type of doctor in the future.” 

– Derek Stubbs


“This is just the first step in a long road, but I know I can make it. Putting on this white coat means that I’m starting a profession that I believe in. I come from a large family of physicians and veterinarians. So, following this dream is what I’ve always aspired to do. It’s what I’ve seen my father do and what I’ve seen my grandfather do.”

– Rhiannon Gillett



   – Ray-Donna Peters

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