BUSI 320 International Business Law

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental legal issues, principles and institutions relating to international business transactions.  It examines the role of law in business, commercial, financial and trade transactions, especially in context of an increasingly interdependent global economy.  The movement of goods, services, money and persons across national boundaries has intensified.  It is therefore essential that students understand the legal framework within which commercial transactions and business relations between private parties, whether working individually or international, as part of the multinational corporations, are conducted.  As potential business persons, managers, entrepreneur and other business categories with an international orientation, students must be become familiar with the legal framework which governs and regulates international businesses.  Relevant political and ethical dimensions will also be discussed.

Topics will include an introduction to international law and the context of international business law (especially jurisdictional issues), international trade (particularly the World Trade Organization), international sales, transportation, foreign direct investment, financing, intellectual property rights and franchising, state responsibility and environmental regulation and dispute settlement (including private international legal dispute options).