PATH 676 Basic Science Foundation for Clinical Reasoning

The course in Basic Science Foundation for Clinical Reasoning (BSFCR) consists of 28 Lab-hours devoted to review basic science concepts by solving clinical problems through group discussions. These are facilitated by clinical tutors and monitored by subject experts from various departments of basic sciences. The course is designed to integrate basic sciences in clinical context. In addition, students are also trained to develop professional competencies, interpersonal skills,and communication skills.


Two midterms and one final examination cover topics discussed in lab-based group discussions. In addition, written tests are administered every week as continuous assessment. Also, students are required to take the Comprehensive Basic Sciences Examination (CBSE), administered by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), United States, toward the end of the term. Scores obtained in term examinations, continuous assessment, and NBME-CBSE are considered while grading. The term exams are in a USMLE board format to familiarize students with standardized testing methods required by medical licensers.