PATH 674 Pathophysiology

The course in Pathophysiology consists of approximately 124 scheduled lecture hours devoted to providing a platform for active learning where the students learn to analyze clinical problems using the concepts learned in all the basic sciences in an integrated fashion. The course is designed to allow students to restructure their basic science learning and to organize it around clinical presentations to prepare them for USMLE 1 and the clerkship.

There are four small group sessions which are based on clinical vignettes covering the combined objectives of Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Clinical Skills. These sessions also allow students to demonstrate professional behaviors, communication and clinical skills as well as their knowledge of the subject matter. In addition, students will be provided with a series of online quizzes and practice questions for study.


Two midterms and one final examination will cover topics discussed in the lectures and small groups. In addition, students are required to take the Comprehensive Basic Sciences Examination (CBSE), administered by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), United States, toward the end of the term. Scores obtained in term examinations and NBME-CBSE are considered while grading.

The course is specifically designed to enhance clinical integration of Basic Sciences material. In addition, the exams are in a USMLE board format to familiarize students with standardized testing methods required by medical licensers.