PATH 693 Medical Nutrition

The course in Medical Nutrition consists of approximately 16 scheduled class hours devoted to developing an
appreciation of the pathological changes which occur as a result of alterations in nutrition.
It presents components of human pathophysiology in which diet, on the basis of current knowledge, is believed to be important in either a causative or a contributory way. The application of dietary knowledge, to prevention of disease and the management of established diseases are discussed.
Being able to apply knowledge of nutrition is important in clinical practice. The course presents additional
foundational nutrition concepts in such a way as to emphasize the relevance of scientific knowledge presented in earlier coursework, especially in Biochemistry, Physiology, Pathology, Genetics and Epidemiology to important medical topics.
The lectures and assignments cover important aspects of nutrition and disease, including many controversial issues. Practicing physicians need a solid foundation in the basic nutritional sciences and to be well informed, in order to retain credibility with their patients, who may rely on physicians as the preferred sources of nutrition information.
The final exam covers topics taught in the lectures. There is also an online quiz at the end of the first week, as well
as daily clicker questions, so the students can gauge their performance since the course is so short. There are neither laboratories nor small group exercises.